Thursday, 6 January 2011

Its a Love Hate Relationship

This is Cherrie in a good temper. At times like these, when she is looking like this, it is so easy to love her, pamper her, coddle her.

She is docile, tame, like a dog. Not a wildcat.

But she can still look like this and suddenly jump up and bite you on your hand. Hard. Instant two holes, bruise and a drop of blood.

You should really see Eli's arms and legs. If you didn't know better, you would think that we abuse Eli.

More like Cherrie abuses Eli. I keep telling Eli to just hit her hard when she bites you. Teach her. Let her know who is the boss!

There is a reason why Cherrie bites Eli more than us. Its because she can somehow sense that Eli is afraid to hit her. Eli always coddles her and reward her for this and that. Which I think is senseless.

Sure, reward is good. But for the right time. Eli tells Cherrie she is a good girl, just for eating.

I have so little patience. With Cherrie, it is so obvious, what type of parent I would be in the future.

The scary type. The one most likely to lose her temper and slap her child in public. Haha. No lar. Not in public. Just at home. Hit and lecture enough so that he/she knows never to do that in public.

God I hate kids that shout and run amok in public. At restaurants, supermarkets, airport, in the plane. Obviously kids don't know better. Its the parents fault. Its up to the parent to teach them.

And I really hope my future kids better be kwai. For their own sakes. Heh.

I was brought up to think like that. My parents taught us better than that. Or rather, my mum trained us better than that.

Mum used to bring out a cane in the car. So she can still hit us when we misbehave. Or quarrell with each other.

My family's little private joke is that in the future, when Winnie and Kevin's kids misbehave, all they have to threaten them is: I'll send you to Aunty Amy!

So very wtf right? I can't be that bad. But alas. I know I am. Woe on my future kids.


KY said...

and I have a wild cat at home. lol

Amy said...

literally wild cat eh. hahaa