Monday, 17 January 2011

Meeting the in-laws

Photos from a million years ago. So many photos and garbage are accummulating in my computer that I bought a new hard disk. Best decision ever.

Does anyone else have the same problem as me? I don't want to delete my dissertations from Uni cos I worked hard on them. Why delete notes from class too? I might want to study them again in the future. Haha highly unlikely. I sound like a hoarder. But no lar. I am not.


These are photos from the housewarming party ages ago, where the main objective of the night was for cs and I to introduce our two families. A little get together for both our families. They have never met before this.

Kevin asked: why not just have the party at home? Trust me, nobody believe it when I say the living room is too small to accommodate 30 people plus catering. Not enough space.

This is because of the way our house was built. The carpark to the living room is not a step away like most terrace houses. People can escape to the carpark when they feel stuffy or step outside for a smoke. Our living room is more like 15 steps away, up a flight of stairs.

Up this flight of stairs actually. Here, mum is inspecting our staircase. Heh.

In the beginning, when we just got the house keys, we were both so very wildly excited and running up and down those steps was nothing! No biggie! Its good exercise. We are young, and even if we have children in the future, so? Good exercise for them too, and worse come to worse, we build a fence around the stairs la (so kids don't fall down the stairs).

Now, not too long ago, I stand on the top of the stairs, thinking did I forget anyting? Better double check so I don't have to run up again. Check every room, open the drawers.

This comes after a few lessons of forgetting to turn off the light or the aircon, or leaving our wallets or phones upstairs. Only to realize our mistake, when we are sitting in the car. Running up two long flights of stairs is no fun. You may think its nothing, but at the end of the day, it is fucking tiring. Haha.

Seriously, I am not complaining. We are still young. This is not a home for people aged over 40 or 50 and above.

So, where was I? Oh yea, the clubhouse was our choice of location. For pre-dinner drinks. Formal introductions.

And now they finally meet. :)

These photos are all from last year. Now they all recognise each other (hopefully).

I have not been swimming for a while now. The last time was probably when we brought Dolphin to the pool. Don't think I have blogged about that too. Oh well. Next time.

This is Dolphin. Oh, and me.

If it does not rain, I shall go swimming tonight. *determined. Have to lose some weight before Chinese New Year, to look good in new clothes! :D CNY shopping is done.

The past weekend was spent shopping and more shopping. Shopping with cs for his cny clothes. And man. Its so unfair. His shopping was done in a total of 30 mins or less!! Whereas mine was done in a span of two weeks, from Spring to Jalan Tun Jugah, to One Jaya, to Jenny, to the many differnet online blogshops and I am still waiting for items to deliver to my house. HUGE difference eh. This is just clothes, not including shoes, bags, accessories.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my parents for mostly cny goods too. Cookies, cakes, sweets, chocs, food in general to offer people who will be visiting our house from CNY eve to the 4th or 5th day of CNY. Busy busy.

Next weekend's itinerary includes baking and cleaning. Time flies eh. I used to miss CNY at home when studying abroad, and wish I could come back home. And now, I know I did the right thing! Life is so much better here! There is no place like home.

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