Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In Cold Water

I went swimming last night because I am determined to lose some weight. The healthy way without starving myself or taking supplements. Tried taking one diet pill a day, and oh God! The insomnia damn near killed me. (Ya, of course I am exaggerating) It was physically impossible to fall asleep. After that, gah forget it. This was in college btw. Ancient news.

Anyway. In an effort to seriously lose some weight, we went swimming last night. As cs and I walked past our neighbour in our swimsuits and towels (and burger in cs' case), he exclaimed: won't it be too cold to go swimming?

I was a bit perplexed because the sun has been shining brightly the whole day. Why would he say that?

Sigh. I should have guessed. Older people are wiser people..

The pool water was so so so SO COLD! It has been raining on and off for the past week or two.

What I mean is, it rains the whole day and night with about a 10 minute pause then continue again. Throughout the whole night. Horrible weather. Some places were flooded. Don't know where, cos ever since that huge drain was built at Hui Sing, we lucky residents never experienced flood again. *Touch on wood.

Back to topic. It was SO COLD! Shivering, teeth chattering and instant regret. Blaming each other (jokingly), whose idea was it to go swimming at 830pm?!

The pool was empty save for us. Apparently nobody is as stupid as us. Heh.

In the pool, we pushed ourselves to move, move, move our asses! Swam a few laps.

But actually this is a pretty good strategy what. Since it was so cold, I had no choice but to keep moving and swimming up and down.

Moving my muscles until the water finally felt lukewarm to me. Effective!

Ya, this is a pretty rubbish post. I am trying to keep my blog alive and blog more often but have nothing to say. I didn't bring a camera out last night. No need lar. Photos of the pool are in the post below anyway. So this shall suffice today!

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