Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year Eve post and gibberish

Come 2011 and I am getting lazier to blog. Too many things to do everyday ie Facebook and stalking people's profiles on FB. No lar. Kidding.

Ah Ong and Nana welcomed a handsome baby boy, Jarrod Tan on 8 Jan 2011! Congrats again guys!! So happy for you guys.

My gosh. Time flies. The second baby in the group already. And Wee Lee should be giving birth soon..


Moving on. I have been eating too much food recently. Mum made yummy lamb shank. She cooked six of these for dinner that night. One for each of us. Its pretty easy to see why almost everyone in the family is a plus size eh.

And why I need to work out more often. Gah. But, this is so good. The meat is so tender, the sauce just right. Not too rich or heavy.


My New Year's Eve was spent at Sarawak Club. Theme of the night was Garden of Eden.

Weird choice I think. I saw a couple of women walking around carrying a big plastic apple, and a golden snake hung on her arm. Should have taken a photo with her.

It was a good hair day. And the only person who successfully curled my hair without me whining afterwards was the senior hairstylist at BLONDE. Haha. Great skills man! I should go back there more often.

The person who looked most at ease in this photo is Winnie. Mum's expression looks almost angry, but she is in fact paiseh. Mummy is shy.

The ballroom. It was black tie so everyone was so dressed up. Men in suits and the women in pretty party dresses. Most of them maxi dresses.

At home, I felt so overdressed. But luckily we did though. We blended in perfectly. I am writing in short sentences because I am tired and my nails are slowing me down. Have yet to cut them. I sound so bimbotic to myself. I only care about my looks and I whine about my hair and nails oh man.

OK. Done with the New Year post. Finally. Heh. Been meaning to post up the photos in ages but they take forever to upload bah. Time is precious. Tick tock tick tock no time to wait. And no time to edit and resize photos. I shall never make it as a blogger or anything else for that matter, what with my limited patience to wait.

Its the same with everything else in life. When applying make up, I slap things on and as long as the overall effect is ok, then I am ok. I need some non bimbotic examples lar. This reflects badly on me..

Moving on. CNY is a-coming. Going out with mum to go buy CNY cakes and cookies. Dad has made an appointment with me to start cleaning the house next Sunday.

P/S: I realized that I actually curse much less now!! In this whole post, there is not one Damn, dammit, fcuk, chee bye nada. I am a new woman!

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