Tuesday, 30 June 2009


The other day, a commercial with Jessica Alba came on. Kevin standing next to me asked: do you think she's hot?

I said: of course lah!!

He said: I never thought she's hot. Just ok. Normal girl.

I spluttered and was at a loss of what to say.


Instead, I turn to Winnie and asked: what do you think?

Winnie: Kevin has weird taste. Look at Elaine. Remember Elaine?

Winnie and me: *nods at each other and shakes head*

This is Jessica Alba.

Bloody hell. Who can compete with that?

Oh. I know. Her.

Megan Fox. The girl from Transformers.

Giselse Bundchen

Hot. Who doesn't want a piece of them?

Kevin is weird. Maybe he's gay. Hah. Before anyone starts thinking that I'm mean/bitchy about what Winnie and I said about Elaine.

Allow me to clarify.

She is a no-good bitch who deserves to die a slow and painful death then rot in hell.

They broke up.

End of story.

Half year today

Over the weekend...

1) I played more badminton. I'm amazed at myself. I have only played badminton less than three (3) times before 2009. In all 24 years of my existence. Before I got together with cs. Obviously I am influenced by him. Badminton takes up a lot of his time, and he's always watching badminton videos, following the matches that grr..i figured I might as well try to learn to like/play the bloody game.

So I did.

....we wore matching pants. Heh. Actually he bought one pair, which was a size L, and too small for him. So he went to buy an XXL, which he is now wearing. Thus, I have a new pair of boy shorts! Cool I'm wearing the bf's hand-me-downs. Saving $$ in the economic downturn.

Every time I check myself out in the mirror before badminton, I think I'm obviously not the badminton type. I glance at my pink bracelet, silver long manicured nails, and ring, and then check out my hair and complexion, then walk to join him for a game. Where he starts lecturing/teaching me on how to warm-up properly before a game lest I hurt my back (again).

2) I went to Pizza Hut for dinner with the family on Saturday night. Dad wanted to try the new Pizza. Its called the Mediterranean something. It was the worst tasting pizza i ever had, aside from pizza ria. And pizzas from bakery. Those don't count. Pieces of leftover dough and added with some sausages, cheese, and way too much chili sauce are not pizza. Yuck.

Anyway, The Pizza had a barbecue based sauce which was a bit spicy and quite salty. The toppings consisted of a few chicken pieces, and lots on onion, and cheese (wayy too little). It sucks! Major fail! I was starving so I reluctantly ate 2 slices of that and felt so upset about spoiling my dinner. Grr..

No pictures. Lousy pizza don't deserve no photos. Its the new pizza at Pizza Hut. On promotion. Don't buy it. Save yourself!!

3) Later that night I went to..

Three Points.

It is a newly opened restaurant in Kuching. Located at the old Hai Pa Wang at Padungan. Hai Pa Wang, the seafood restaurant closed already. At three points, there was a mini lounge at the front of the restaurant. Dad went there before and said the drinks were priced affordably. So we went. A bit skeptical though cos dad doesn't take into consideration my salary. My budget is way lower than his. Heh.

Cs and I had a Kilkenny pint each at about RM13. Cheap. I love Kilkenny. Much better than Guiness. Its more smooth going down. Dad was right. Drinks are reasonably priced. The guys ordered some food. Even after dinner, they still finished a plate of chicken wings (quite a lot), and some ostrich meat cooked in black pepper sauce. And some dessert. Nice place. Definitely going back to try out some more food.

Its an ok place if you're looking for a quiet evening. No noisy kids jumping up and down. No pushing around. No loud music. Subtle music for quiet conversation. Good drinks and food. The place is very small though. Not good for a big group.

4) Over the weekend, I also chilled at his place.

5) We went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

It is good. Must watch! Go buy your tickets if you haven't already watched it. Do not support piracy!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Core's Anniversary

We were invited to Core's anniversary last week. This is not good. Being invited to a club. Obviously this screams: regular customer!! Hardcore clubber. Alcoholic. Ahh..oh well. There are pros to this anyway.

The decorations inside the club.

We get free food. Fried noodles, fried rice, chicken, prawn, lamb etc. The typical free food. Typical. Why no sushi, pizza and cake? Hah. Normal chinese weddings serve the same typical food as well. Here, allow me to introduce you to chinese (Kuching) weddings since I am bored now. You must have a cold dish appetizer. Consisting normally of cold prawns, cold jellyfish, cold vegetarian, cold drunken chicken, cold sea cucumber. These vary depending on the price of each tables.

The soup is a customary second dish. The more expensive tables serve shark fin soup. Or else its either chicken with ginseng, or sea cucumber soup.

After that the rest are quite alike. Mixed vegetables, fried rice or noodles, chicken, lamb, fish. I think fish are a must at every weddings. I don't know what it means or represent. Then appetizer. Fried rice/noodles usually come at the end of the dinner cos I suppose they're for people who haven't had enough to eat. To fill up their stomach. Typical Asians must have rice as part of their meal. But most weddings don't serve rice.

**I always get sidetracked**

Back to topic.

Said free food. And also discount on drinks.

Black and white. This is the beginning of the night. When we just arrived. Note that everyone is still fresh and clean.

We also get a Party Pack each..

Which leads to....



and this.

and this.

Why the face baby? I forgot why everyone was pointing at him. Probably something he said. I had a good time that night. But it was a Thursday night. Work the next day. I didn't drink much, and we left by around 11pm. Hence the tshit and jeans too. Didn't bother to dress up. I was so under-dressed compared to everyone else. heh.

I liked Core when they just opened last year. It was where I chose to celebrate my birthday last year. Back then we were the bunch who started the dancing on the tables. We've been there so often that the waiters are so close with cs them now. I don't like Core anymore now. Either I've grown old, or there are just too many kids in pubs nowadays. Kids who should be at home studying!! Heh. I think I'm old.

Last year.

Lousy hair cut

I cut my hair. Not much difference. The person who washed my hair was so incompetent! She not only got bubbles all into my ear and cheeks, her massage skills suck, and she wet my shirt and bra during the wash off. The back of my shirt. My bra was totally soaked!!!! I had a difficult time trying NOT to be pissed off at a new girl at work!! Grr... Had to keep mumbling and reminding myself that she is new. That I should know better than to lash out at her and get her reprimanded! But she should right??!!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Twillight synopsis

Recently, I finished reading the Twilight saga. I was quite reluctant to buy the books after reading some bad reviews about it. I liked the Twilight movie but I hate Bella. I only bought the first book cos it was cheap. I was at a book fair in KL with cs, and decided to buy the book at about RM25. I liked it. Thus, bought 2nd book. Hated it!! Hate hate hate Bella!! She whines and gets herself killed, and makes other people worry about her. I hate her.

So, I delayed buying the third book. Winnie was pestering me to buy the third book. In the end, she gave me a spoiler when her friend told her that bella died and turned into a vampire. How could I resist? I'm such a geek.

I gave in and bought the 3rd and 4th book anyway. I loved the fourth book: Breaking Dawn. Cos Bella is now a vampire. She is not as spoiled and she doesn't whine so much.

The first book is about Bella falling in love with Edward, who coincidentally is a vampire. He lives with his vampire family in Forks, Washington. Which is the wettest, rainiest place in the U.S. cos vampires cannot go out in the sun. they don't sleep. some vampires have special powers. for ex. edward can read people's minds.

Anyway. the first book mainly tells us how bella and edward fell in love with each other. Edward and his family are "vegetarians", meaning they only drink animal blood, not human blood. They don't kill humans. But of course non vegetarian vampires exist. One such fella tries to kill Bella. He did not succeed. Bella survives. The movie pretty much follows the book. Almost 90% alike.

2nd book. Vampires do not age. Therefore Edward is frozen in his 17 year old self. Still handsome, beautiful, young,and perfect. But Bella turns 18. Edward's vampire family throws Bella a birthday party. At the party, Bella accidentally cuts herself and her blood spills. Any normal vampire cannot resist human blood. One of Edward's brother (Jasper) launches himself at Bella, trying to kill her. At their house. During the party. Unsafe for Bella right. So Edward decides to leave her. His whole family moves away.

Cos he loves her so much, that it is unsafe for Bella to be with vampires. So Bella is alone now. She mopes, cries and tries to kill herself doing stupid things. Such as, riding motorcycles, and jumping off a cliff. Anyway, Edward has a sister (Alice), who can see into the future. When Bella jumped off a cliff, Alice thought Bella died, so she told Edward. Long story short, Edward decides to die when he thought Bella is dead. (Damn dramatic). Bella who of course isn't dead (stupid bitch), goes after Edward.

So, how do vampires die? Not easy. They are super strong, super fast, super everything. I think Stephenie Meyer (the author) shouldn't have made vampires so perfect. Anyway. Edward tries to kill himself, by asking other vicious vampires to kill him. This group of vampires in Italy are a special group, most of whom have special gifts.

Such as, one of them. A girl, Jane, just smiles at you. And you're sooo in pain its unbelievable.

So Edward goes to them to ask them to kill him. Bella goes to save him. Nobody dies. Second book finish. Obviously its much more interesting than how I describe it. Or else I wouldn't bother writing all this out.

I don't know how many times I've read Breaking Dawn (the 4th book). Ever since Harry Potter, I haven't found another book or series that have kept me so occupied or agitated.

I want to read the Inkheart trilogy now. Saving $$$

P/S: Transformers is out!! Winnie just came back from watching it. She said its better than the first! I must watch it!

PPS: Harry Potter and the half blood prince movie is out July 17. or 16 in Malaysia.


Taking a break from playing Typing Maniac on Facebook. Heh. I'm addicted to this game. Its pretty simple. Just type the english words that appear. The fastest typer(?) wins. In my friend list, I am first. Cs, winnie and I are competing against each other every day.

For instance, today winnie sent me a text message telling me: Muahahhahahhahhaaaa!!! I beat cs in typing maniac.

The other day I beat cs, I sent him a text message saying: i'm sorry baby. i have to show off. i beat u in typing maniac. heh. idiotic and childish but what the hell.

Once you play this game for 2 hours non stop, you get so jittery, so kin tio. I can't sit still or type still anymore. But its fun!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My week

1) It was Father's Day over the weekend. Dad requested that we all have steamboat at home as a family. Dad is VERY big about having dinner together. We always wait till all five of us are around the dinner table before eating. No eating separately. No sitting in the living room watching the tv. No answering your phone, or texting. No reading. Not allowed to online. Just sit and eat. Now, we are allowed to listen to the tv that is playing in the living room. Mostly cos of mum. If dad had his way, he would insist we turn it off, I suppose.

If you're not having dinner at home, call home! Not an option. If you do not have dinner on two consecutive nights, either one or both parents get angry at u. Grr..do i sound like I'm venting? Cos I am. Our family normally have dinner outside every Saturday nights. Since I got together with cs, I spend less time with the family. Reasonably alright when you look at the facts, right?

1) I am 25 this year. Surely I'm allowed to have dinner with my bf once a week?!!! It's not too much to ask!

2) I work Mon-Fri. SOmetimes Sat. I have no time with him. Cos he works 7 days a week damn it. The only free time we both have together are Fri, Sat nights, and Sun full day. BUT. I am supposed to accompany mum on Fri night. Have dinner with them Sat night. Stay home on Sun in the day time to accompany grocery shopping, stay home basically. Have dinner at home. Don't go out cos work on Monday. Have to wake up early. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

3) I do have dinner at home at least 5 days a week. come on. give me some freedom. I'm not 5. Not in high school.

**** back to topic

My venting/complaints here don't mean I don't love/appreciate them. Let me share something about dad here.

My first year in London, on my birthday, dad called me. As soon as I said hello, they (dad, mum, winnie) sang Happy Birthday to u.happy birthday.......i was soooo touched...soo happy and soo upset at the same time. Sooo home sick. I cried..!! But pretended to be happy while I answered them.

Another example of how dad shows he cares. We rarely talk/chat for long periods of time. We hardly talk now that I am home. Back when I was still in London, the first thing dad asks me when he pick up the phone when I call him, after how r u, is: you need money? you have enough money? Dad is afraid I would die and nobody knows. Haha. I thought it was funny then. But of course I realize how he worries about me when I'm not at home.

Anyway. The parents had us all doing chores to make dad happy on father's day wtf. He is happy to see us working. No shit. So while Kevin cleaned out all the air con and shit, I was wiping the cupboard, cleaning the glass etc. Dad was cleaning the car carpets. Winnie had to study.


2) I'm sick and tired of work. My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen that's why I haven't been updating this blog. I hardly wear contacts now. Only during weekends...boooo..

3) Been craving ice cream. Finally got it just now.

Happy Sundae. It's from McD. Hence, the Happy as in Happy Meal.

4) Saw this at the Spring the other day.

In conjunction with Gawai Day i think.

5)On a positive note, I have you. Baby is being very understanding and patient so far.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


1) Yo shirley. This is for you. Don't remember if I sent you this photo but this should make you smile:

2) I'm hungry; My mum, bro and sis are going back to Taiwan next month. I'm so jealous. You have no idea. They get to eat and shop.

3) While I...I...I get to earn money and continue to work. Joy!

Can barely keep my eyes open now. Here's hoping I can sleep:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Tonight I decided to sleep early. By 11pm, I was in bed. Lights turned off. The air con starts to drip. The sound was so annoying that I find myself getting more and more frustrated that sleep is impossible.

Thwarted by the air con. This is unbelievable. I am aware that I am a whiny bitch who doesn't realize how lucky she is to have an air con when other people have to sleep in the heat or cold whatever.

Point is sleep is out of the question. I'm tired. My body and brain is tired but the damn air con is damn frustrating. I need sleep. I can't turn the air con off cos I sleep with winnie and eli, both who have no problem sleeping. Just me.

I want to sleep downstairs but mosquitoes. And dad, eli wakes up earlier than me in the morning and I'm pretty sure that the newspaper guy, eli sweeping and mopping the floors, ah boi walking around would wake me up earlier than I want.

I am resigned now. When all else fails, turn to alcohol.

Hi Kingway. My buddy. My friend.

This is Kingway. Yes it is from China. It is bloody cheap too. I am aware that I am abusing Kingway a little too frequently that cs and my family would like me to. Oh well. At least cs is controlling/limiting my alcohol intake nowadays.

I'm so angry now I want to cry. I want to sleep. But I can't. The drip drip drip sound is driving me insane. Last night, after tossing and turning, and hanging up the phone on cs, I went to take my ipod to shut out the sound. Finally I went to sleep. When my playlist ended, I woke up at 5am to the drip drip drip again.

I need sleep...

Monday, 15 June 2009

My weekend

1) Most weekends, I can be found in a crowd like this:

I don't like dancing in a crowd like this anymore in a club. I think I have aged. Why has clubbing lost its fun? Most of the time, I'm so tired during the weekends cos my time is all used up. No free time for myself seriously.

I'm gonna have to quit all the clubbing scene for quite some time. Maybe next event shall be my birthday...Maybe.

2) Over the weekend, I went to Camp Permai Rainforest. Back to nature. The last time I went there, I was 12. Still in Primary School. I went for a 3 day 2 night trip. Stayed one night in a log cabin, and the other night in a tent outside. I went kayaking. Literally ok. I even went rapalling. And other outdoor activities. Obviously it wasn't my choice. We were forced to do it as part of our camp. Our teachers forced us to do it one by one. I'm not sure if they attempted it themselves.

This is rapalling (not sure about the spelling but what the hell):

Photo stolen from google obviously. As 12 year olds, we of course did an easier route than this. We just had to go down a straight wall. Cliff? Thingy. It was like 70m (still scary ok).

Oh well anyway those things were fun as kids. Now, 12 years later, I can't say the same thing.

Back to nature.

Noooo...I want air con!! I want sunblock! I need an umbrella! I want hot water heater. I don't care that its hot. I want a proper toilet. I am spoiled and I don't care. I don't want to walk and hike in the forest. Sorry no thanks. Mosquitoes, leeches, and other crappy insects. Times change and I've changed so much I wouldn't recognize myself.

It was fun going kayaking as kids. In the rain. Get sick and flu and not a worry in the world. Now, sick. Going to the doctor, taking sick leave. Argh. No way. Getting sun burnt, no make up can hide my flaws. I am so spoilt its unbelievable.

At least the place is cheap. They only provide basic necessities. Bed. No blanket cos its so hot. A fan on the ceiling. Three beds in this room actually. There are six beds in this cabin, and a living room, with a fan and a tiny fridge. One shower, one toilet, and one sink. One roll of toilet paper. No dustbin. One kettle. No TV. Tables and chairs. And plenty of insects noisy in the jungle. And yeah the heat is unbelievable.

There were also some tree houses. With aircon. Unbelievable. We didn't know or we would have booked this instead. ANyway it was all full. The tree house is much smaller than our cabin though. Probably 3 beds at most inside only. But sigh air con beats everything. The heat can kill u. Make u so bad tempered and irritable that you don't want to do anything but take off all your clothes and lie on the bed alone.

I wonder would I be scared during a thunderstorm if I was in the tree house? Knowing me, I would be hoping it will happen...Lightning and thunder, heavy rain, and winds. And I'm up in a tree house. hahaha..for some reason, I find that hilarious.

Sunset with lousy camera.

Baby forcing a smile. Too hot seriously.

Made new friends, and posing with their Indonesian rupiah's. or rupees?