Monday, 15 June 2009

My weekend

1) Most weekends, I can be found in a crowd like this:

I don't like dancing in a crowd like this anymore in a club. I think I have aged. Why has clubbing lost its fun? Most of the time, I'm so tired during the weekends cos my time is all used up. No free time for myself seriously.

I'm gonna have to quit all the clubbing scene for quite some time. Maybe next event shall be my birthday...Maybe.

2) Over the weekend, I went to Camp Permai Rainforest. Back to nature. The last time I went there, I was 12. Still in Primary School. I went for a 3 day 2 night trip. Stayed one night in a log cabin, and the other night in a tent outside. I went kayaking. Literally ok. I even went rapalling. And other outdoor activities. Obviously it wasn't my choice. We were forced to do it as part of our camp. Our teachers forced us to do it one by one. I'm not sure if they attempted it themselves.

This is rapalling (not sure about the spelling but what the hell):

Photo stolen from google obviously. As 12 year olds, we of course did an easier route than this. We just had to go down a straight wall. Cliff? Thingy. It was like 70m (still scary ok).

Oh well anyway those things were fun as kids. Now, 12 years later, I can't say the same thing.

Back to nature.

Noooo...I want air con!! I want sunblock! I need an umbrella! I want hot water heater. I don't care that its hot. I want a proper toilet. I am spoiled and I don't care. I don't want to walk and hike in the forest. Sorry no thanks. Mosquitoes, leeches, and other crappy insects. Times change and I've changed so much I wouldn't recognize myself.

It was fun going kayaking as kids. In the rain. Get sick and flu and not a worry in the world. Now, sick. Going to the doctor, taking sick leave. Argh. No way. Getting sun burnt, no make up can hide my flaws. I am so spoilt its unbelievable.

At least the place is cheap. They only provide basic necessities. Bed. No blanket cos its so hot. A fan on the ceiling. Three beds in this room actually. There are six beds in this cabin, and a living room, with a fan and a tiny fridge. One shower, one toilet, and one sink. One roll of toilet paper. No dustbin. One kettle. No TV. Tables and chairs. And plenty of insects noisy in the jungle. And yeah the heat is unbelievable.

There were also some tree houses. With aircon. Unbelievable. We didn't know or we would have booked this instead. ANyway it was all full. The tree house is much smaller than our cabin though. Probably 3 beds at most inside only. But sigh air con beats everything. The heat can kill u. Make u so bad tempered and irritable that you don't want to do anything but take off all your clothes and lie on the bed alone.

I wonder would I be scared during a thunderstorm if I was in the tree house? Knowing me, I would be hoping it will happen...Lightning and thunder, heavy rain, and winds. And I'm up in a tree house. hahaha..for some reason, I find that hilarious.

Sunset with lousy camera.

Baby forcing a smile. Too hot seriously.

Made new friends, and posing with their Indonesian rupiah's. or rupees?

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