Tuesday, 30 June 2009


The other day, a commercial with Jessica Alba came on. Kevin standing next to me asked: do you think she's hot?

I said: of course lah!!

He said: I never thought she's hot. Just ok. Normal girl.

I spluttered and was at a loss of what to say.


Instead, I turn to Winnie and asked: what do you think?

Winnie: Kevin has weird taste. Look at Elaine. Remember Elaine?

Winnie and me: *nods at each other and shakes head*

This is Jessica Alba.

Bloody hell. Who can compete with that?

Oh. I know. Her.

Megan Fox. The girl from Transformers.

Giselse Bundchen

Hot. Who doesn't want a piece of them?

Kevin is weird. Maybe he's gay. Hah. Before anyone starts thinking that I'm mean/bitchy about what Winnie and I said about Elaine.

Allow me to clarify.

She is a no-good bitch who deserves to die a slow and painful death then rot in hell.

They broke up.

End of story.

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