Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My week

1) It was Father's Day over the weekend. Dad requested that we all have steamboat at home as a family. Dad is VERY big about having dinner together. We always wait till all five of us are around the dinner table before eating. No eating separately. No sitting in the living room watching the tv. No answering your phone, or texting. No reading. Not allowed to online. Just sit and eat. Now, we are allowed to listen to the tv that is playing in the living room. Mostly cos of mum. If dad had his way, he would insist we turn it off, I suppose.

If you're not having dinner at home, call home! Not an option. If you do not have dinner on two consecutive nights, either one or both parents get angry at u. Grr..do i sound like I'm venting? Cos I am. Our family normally have dinner outside every Saturday nights. Since I got together with cs, I spend less time with the family. Reasonably alright when you look at the facts, right?

1) I am 25 this year. Surely I'm allowed to have dinner with my bf once a week?!!! It's not too much to ask!

2) I work Mon-Fri. SOmetimes Sat. I have no time with him. Cos he works 7 days a week damn it. The only free time we both have together are Fri, Sat nights, and Sun full day. BUT. I am supposed to accompany mum on Fri night. Have dinner with them Sat night. Stay home on Sun in the day time to accompany grocery shopping, stay home basically. Have dinner at home. Don't go out cos work on Monday. Have to wake up early. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

3) I do have dinner at home at least 5 days a week. come on. give me some freedom. I'm not 5. Not in high school.

**** back to topic

My venting/complaints here don't mean I don't love/appreciate them. Let me share something about dad here.

My first year in London, on my birthday, dad called me. As soon as I said hello, they (dad, mum, winnie) sang Happy Birthday to u.happy birthday.......i was soooo touched...soo happy and soo upset at the same time. Sooo home sick. I cried..!! But pretended to be happy while I answered them.

Another example of how dad shows he cares. We rarely talk/chat for long periods of time. We hardly talk now that I am home. Back when I was still in London, the first thing dad asks me when he pick up the phone when I call him, after how r u, is: you need money? you have enough money? Dad is afraid I would die and nobody knows. Haha. I thought it was funny then. But of course I realize how he worries about me when I'm not at home.

Anyway. The parents had us all doing chores to make dad happy on father's day wtf. He is happy to see us working. No shit. So while Kevin cleaned out all the air con and shit, I was wiping the cupboard, cleaning the glass etc. Dad was cleaning the car carpets. Winnie had to study.


2) I'm sick and tired of work. My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen that's why I haven't been updating this blog. I hardly wear contacts now. Only during weekends...boooo..

3) Been craving ice cream. Finally got it just now.

Happy Sundae. It's from McD. Hence, the Happy as in Happy Meal.

4) Saw this at the Spring the other day.

In conjunction with Gawai Day i think.

5)On a positive note, I have you. Baby is being very understanding and patient so far.

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