Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Smoke alarm

Today was the first day back at work after a long weekend. Predictably, many people are still on leave and the brain is not up-to-speed. At around 11am, after we have all settled down to work, I smelled smoke. Judging by my neighbor's raised noses, I'm not the only one. Pretty soon, a few guys started walking around to ask and sniff where the smoke came from.

A colleague told me it could be a fire drill. I have not yet witnessed a real fire drill at this company, and shamefully, I was quite looking forward to it. Sorry.

Sigh. Alas. There is no fire drill. According to my colleague, everyone starts panicking when the drill comes on. People don't exit using the fire exit, even though everyone knows full well you should use it.. Instead, they run to the other door, try to hold up the automatic sliding doors that come down in case of a fire, and alot of shouting ensues. Must be pretty amusing. That is why I said I want to witness the fire DRILL. (touch on wood at the same time).

Even it it is a drill, I suppose I should grab my belongings?

Putting out a fire after a BBQ Party

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