Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Twillight synopsis

Recently, I finished reading the Twilight saga. I was quite reluctant to buy the books after reading some bad reviews about it. I liked the Twilight movie but I hate Bella. I only bought the first book cos it was cheap. I was at a book fair in KL with cs, and decided to buy the book at about RM25. I liked it. Thus, bought 2nd book. Hated it!! Hate hate hate Bella!! She whines and gets herself killed, and makes other people worry about her. I hate her.

So, I delayed buying the third book. Winnie was pestering me to buy the third book. In the end, she gave me a spoiler when her friend told her that bella died and turned into a vampire. How could I resist? I'm such a geek.

I gave in and bought the 3rd and 4th book anyway. I loved the fourth book: Breaking Dawn. Cos Bella is now a vampire. She is not as spoiled and she doesn't whine so much.

The first book is about Bella falling in love with Edward, who coincidentally is a vampire. He lives with his vampire family in Forks, Washington. Which is the wettest, rainiest place in the U.S. cos vampires cannot go out in the sun. they don't sleep. some vampires have special powers. for ex. edward can read people's minds.

Anyway. the first book mainly tells us how bella and edward fell in love with each other. Edward and his family are "vegetarians", meaning they only drink animal blood, not human blood. They don't kill humans. But of course non vegetarian vampires exist. One such fella tries to kill Bella. He did not succeed. Bella survives. The movie pretty much follows the book. Almost 90% alike.

2nd book. Vampires do not age. Therefore Edward is frozen in his 17 year old self. Still handsome, beautiful, young,and perfect. But Bella turns 18. Edward's vampire family throws Bella a birthday party. At the party, Bella accidentally cuts herself and her blood spills. Any normal vampire cannot resist human blood. One of Edward's brother (Jasper) launches himself at Bella, trying to kill her. At their house. During the party. Unsafe for Bella right. So Edward decides to leave her. His whole family moves away.

Cos he loves her so much, that it is unsafe for Bella to be with vampires. So Bella is alone now. She mopes, cries and tries to kill herself doing stupid things. Such as, riding motorcycles, and jumping off a cliff. Anyway, Edward has a sister (Alice), who can see into the future. When Bella jumped off a cliff, Alice thought Bella died, so she told Edward. Long story short, Edward decides to die when he thought Bella is dead. (Damn dramatic). Bella who of course isn't dead (stupid bitch), goes after Edward.

So, how do vampires die? Not easy. They are super strong, super fast, super everything. I think Stephenie Meyer (the author) shouldn't have made vampires so perfect. Anyway. Edward tries to kill himself, by asking other vicious vampires to kill him. This group of vampires in Italy are a special group, most of whom have special gifts.

Such as, one of them. A girl, Jane, just smiles at you. And you're sooo in pain its unbelievable.

So Edward goes to them to ask them to kill him. Bella goes to save him. Nobody dies. Second book finish. Obviously its much more interesting than how I describe it. Or else I wouldn't bother writing all this out.

I don't know how many times I've read Breaking Dawn (the 4th book). Ever since Harry Potter, I haven't found another book or series that have kept me so occupied or agitated.

I want to read the Inkheart trilogy now. Saving $$$

P/S: Transformers is out!! Winnie just came back from watching it. She said its better than the first! I must watch it!

PPS: Harry Potter and the half blood prince movie is out July 17. or 16 in Malaysia.

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