Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I was at cs' house the other day. Finally! He cleaned out his room. I don't know what got into him. In one afternoon, he cleaned out his entire room. Quite an amazing feat if you've seen his room before.

Mopped and swept the floor. All the dust, stray paper and rubbish is gone. All the stuff under the bed, behind, beside and under the computer desk is gone. He also took down all the big ass SHE posters. For those who don't know, SHE is a popular Taiwanese girl band. Here:

From left: Ella, Hebe, and Selina.

Cs used to love them. Their songs. Particularly Hebe. Everyone who knows him knows this. Oh well. I knew about this ever since I met him. Crap he was one of the member for Kuching fan club. Its no wonder he has their posters on his bedroom wall. Thank God its gone gone gone...

Heh. I actually like this group. Some of their songs are really nice, but it seems they are not as popular as before. I wonder why. Do all girls look that nice in white strapless dresses or just them? All three are beautiful..


Then, I also realized that he managed to locate all these bottles in his room.

Baby is getting to be quite an alcoholic. Heh. I hope its not because of me..

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