Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Cs and I went to check out the new outlet at spring. I think its called HK-Macau or something. They have probably been open for a week or two only. We should have waited longer to try it out..

He ordered fried rice with salty fish and chicken, I think if I'm not mistaken. Taste was mediocre. Nothing outstanding, with a few pieces of white chicken and tiny pieces of salty fish on white rice fried with egg. Boring. So boring. I know the dish itself is boring, but surely a restaurant came make more of an effort to spice up the dish? Such as fried chicken instead of tiny pieces of white breast meat?

I had fried rice with salmon and crab roe. Said the menu. Recommended by the waitress, when I asked her what was nice. I asked, cos when I pointed out the Macau Burger I wanted, she said it was unavailable still. And so were many others. So, she recommended this:

I hated it on sight!

I hate fried rice that comes with these vegetables that are prepackaged! Its not that I don't eat vegetables cos I do but these are foul. Especially these:

I hate green peas. And corn! Especially when they come together with fried rice. This failed me. The only good thing was the salmon. They fried the salmon. Never tried salmon with fried rice? Well, let me tell you it is not a very nice combination. I like my salmon raw with wasabi, or smoked or slightly grilled. Not with fried rice. Crab roe? What is that you wonder? Yeah Im wondering too. Didn't see it anywhere on the rice. Disappointing.

To their defense, the restaurant is newly opened. Granted, they haven't settled down yet. But they have left such a bad effect on me that I doubt I'll be returning. Food is not exactly cheap either.

I hope they improve in the future or business would go downhill.


My back is better now, thank u very much, not that you asked. So we went to badminton. Can someone tell me does he really look like Lee Chong Wei?

The other day, he had to go to a Primary School for work-related stuff. After talking with the teachers, he walked past a Primary 1 classroom. A kid stared open mouth at him and said: Cikgu Lee Chong Wei. (Teacher Lee Chong Wei). It quickly became a shout, and pretty soon his entire class started screaming Cikgu LCW. Cikgu. Cikgu Lee Chong Wei. Cs was so embarrassed that he quickly walked away. A few kids ran out of the class shouting at him.

No joke.

Poor thing got chased by kids.

At pub at night, just the two of us, a bunch of guys came up to him just to tell him: You look like Lee Chong Wei, you know? Do you play badminton etc etc..Its so weird..

For me, the only resemblance is that they both have a thin face, kind of like a horse (kidding baby!!) and both are badminton fanatics.

Maybe cos I see cs everyday, that the likeliness (if there is any), is not visible to me.

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