Monday, 1 June 2009

Balson & Rozi

On 30th May 2009, Balson (my cousin) finally ended his bachelorhood. The wedding was held at Tempayan restaurant. Beside Crown Towers. Not many people know about this place. I don't know if its open for public, or do they do special functions only?

Not a big restaurant, but nicely decorated and cozy for a moderately small wedding dinner like his that night.

There were only 7 tables that night. It was rather an informal affair, for just the relatives on both sides of the family. It was so informal that the bride and groom were late and other relatives arrived first. Dad was fuming cos Balson made the old people stand outside the restaurant waiting. Heh..

While waiting for the guests to arrive, Winnie and I took photos:

Winnie was wearing a maxi dress. Mum's dress to be exact:

Balson's wife is Muslim, so he decided to convert to Islam too. His whole family is already Islam. Makes no difference anyway. I have a lot of Malay cousins. And its weird cos we speak a mixture of Teochew/English/Malay all the time. All of them understand Teochew and Mandarin. Most of the time we communicate in English.

And sing English songs. No Malay songs. Mandarin songs are sang by mum and occasionally dad. As usual with all our family gatherings during chinese new year, birthdays and weddings, Karaoke is a must. And as usual, Uncle Ihsan is the first to start with the speech and singing.

Uncle Ihsan with the mike, and Balson's dad.

Kevin was telling me during dinner how he wished he had Uncle Ihsan's confidence and voice. Seriously, he just strolled up to the tv, asked for karaoke. Started making a speech off hand and requesting a song, since he other guests haven't arrived yet. Growing up, we listened to him singing for so many years that we know most of his songs by now: Pretty Woman is a hot favorite. 500 miles. Knock Three Times etc etc...those oldies.

I met my old classmate back in Secondary School. He was working at Temayan Restaurant.

Balson and Rozi. You don't know how happy the family are for balson. He used to say that he would never marry this lifetime. And he used to joke that he would find some rich old lady instead to get all her money. Just kidding of course.

Cousins. Notice Kevin is the only one holding a Coke. He hates drinking. He can't be part of the family. Speaking of this, my dad loves making fun of me in front of all the relatives. Such as: ehh..Amy, you haven't finished your beer? Why so slow tonight? While eveyone else burst out laughing. Grr..

Some people start dancing.

The newly weds.

A lot of people went up to sing. There were flowers on each table, so one of my cousin nudged me to bring him the rose.

The food was alright there as well. There was the usual cold combinations first, fish in thai sauce, soup, roast lamb, duck, chicken, dessert. Most of us preferred what the kids we having on their table. They had fried rice, lasagne, chicken wing, hot dogs. food but we like. Even the adults went to steal the chicken wing and lasagne.

Oh well. Enjoyable affair that night. Nice gathering. Hope Balson & Rozi have a happy ending.

I don't know if that sounds right or if people say that at weddings. Heh..


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