Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In anticipation of Gawai break

I just came back from holidays yet I miss you already..Can I go back to then?

Does anyone here remember I'm iban? I nearly forgot myself, till I was asked to help to decorate the office for Gawai (the Harvest festival that Iban people celebrate). When asked to write words such as Happy Gawai Dayak in iban language, I said: I don't know. How? I don't even know how to speak/listen/write. I suck. I can't even speak Bahasa Sarawak. Hah. I suck even more. I didn't apply for leave like the rest of my colleagues, nor do I know what to answer them when they ask me how am I celebrating Gawai?

I'm the weird Iban girl with the weird Iban IC who looks nothing like Iban. Heh. doesn't take a genius to figure out my dad is Iban. My mum is Chinese. Noo..more specifically, Taiwanese. No offense to Wending and other chinese friends.

Happy Gawai to all those celebrating! Have a good holiday! FYI, We go on holiday starting on Saturday. No need to work!! And back to office on Wednesday!! Nice long break for a non-celebrating Iban girl like me.

What should I do over the long break??

In the meantime, recent photo of ah boi:

He's balding! But still cute.

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