Sunday, 24 May 2009

King of the Day

OK. I'm going to try and summarize the past few days in one post. A lot of photos ahead.

Cs turned 25 last friday (22/05). Needless to say, I was busy with him the whole weekend. Starting from Thursday night. He better be feeling touched, loved, appreciative, and most of all, happy. Winnie chipped in to buy her brother-in-law an electric shaver and a Tiramisu cheesecake (his request). He was hinting a few days behorehand that he liked Tiramisu.

Happy with his Tiramisu cake.

On Friday, we went to Magenta for some western food. He had lamb shank, while I had grilled salmon. I didn't take any photos of the restaurant.

Oh wait. I found this old photo from 3 years ago taken outside Magenta. Have I worn that top for so many years? Crap.

After dinner at Magenta. Before Core.

After that we went to the Core and met up with other friends. To summarize that night, we played drinking games with the waiter working there. The waiter brought cs a free drink for his birthday. When I asked what was inside, he said: ehh..don't ask this kind of stuff. Better not to know. -__-

I don't know why I look so happy here. The cake actually consisted of two slices of American Chocolate from Bing.

That night though, amazingly cs wasn't drunk. Just slightly tipsy. Nana, another friend was drunk, and threw up on her husband on the way out of Core. Right at the entrance. He was half holding her, half carrying her, and then she threw up all over his shirt, pants and shoes. Hahahhaaa... It is funny now that its over anyway.. They kept joking about it yesterday.

On Saturday morning, cs and I had to work. Booo... Woke up at 7am to pack, which means hastily throw stuff into bags then left to work. Boo again. Finished work at 1230pm, and I was starving! Went to MCD to take away and fuck. Check out the queue.

The people working at this padungan store are so slow serving customers man! I'm not kidding!! The bin is full with food,which means they don't have to wait. The fries bin is full as well and fries are freshly cooked almost every minute. So the only hold up is the pace at which they work. To their defense, there were only two tills open on a Saturday afternoon. 1230pm. Hello? Lunch hour on a weekend?! Why hire two snails?? GRR...I can imagine if Shirley was the manager of this store. SHe would be shouting: cibai. this is not a picnic. Pick up the pace. Hurry. Gap buster. Lunch time people! Hurry up hurry up. wtf.

Oh well anyway back to topic. We went to Damai Puri!! We arrived at the resort around 2pm. Pretty late. I think I had a fever by that time due to lack of sleep and rest., had to take medicine. Hate my body.

On arrival. I like the view from our room. The room itself was quite modern, but quite small. Or maybe its because there are 7 of us sleeping in one room. Hmm..5 guys some more. hmm.. anyway, Damai Puri made some adjustments from Damai Lagoon. The previous name. Among them was, a rather pointless addition in my opinion. A flat screen tv! cos who comes to a beach resort to watch lousy channels on tv? Jeez.

Said TV.

There are four people in this photo. From left, the visible part: part of boon's leg, frankie's arm, ong facebooking and nana.

The view from the lobby. Sorry I'm such a lousy photographer. The sun was too hot for me to take photos outside.

Sorry I suck at posing too. This photo came out wrong..

These photos were from Sunday morning. The morning before check out. Woke up at 630am to walk around the beach and took these photos.

The adult pool in the background. Its quite big, much bigger than the old one. Before renovation. There is a small portion of the pool that is converted into a mini jacuzzi. Nice..

I just woke up. My face looks weird and bloated. And my hair is way too red. Thought I dyed it dark blond?

Another view of the adult pool..

Dimple. Open your eyes baby. hahahhaa..

Ong, nana, and cs who spoiled their kodak moment.

The lobby in the background.

What happened here was, there was a jazz band playing in the background. We just came back from dinner and hung around in the lobby listening to the band. When a particularly nice slow song came on (I forgot the song!! nooo..), he led me to slow dance right there. :) awwww....

But photo came out blur. I'm going to post it anyway cos the moment was so sweet....

Some photos taken in the lobby..

The view from our balcony

The other side of the balcony. Oh ya, notice I'm not wearing a bikini this time. Cos of my back! Its so freaking ugly from the cupping! And I can't really swim. I just float around in the pool cos I'm afraid of hurting my back even more. Grr..when can I play badminton again?

Part of the kids pool. Right below our balcony. I love the slide. Like kids, we joined in screaming and laughing when playing with the slide. Fun.

I don't like that there isn't enough trees around the resort. Cos trees provide shade for me! Seriously though, the place looks too bare. Pretty nonetheless. Relaxing.

Happy Birthday baby. Hope you had a good one.

Disclaimer: I am sleep deprived. Hence this lousy post. Fitting everything in and I'm still quite blur now. Will probably explain more in the next few days..

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cs said...

Baby I had the best birthday in my life. Thanks for everything. I like your blog cuz it's juz like a diary for both of us. =)