Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kenko Plums

My back feels better now. The first day, it hurt to lie down, sit, or stand. Today is the 4th day. I can officially report that my back pain is gone! Yeah. Normally by 2pm, my back starts to ache already. Today, I kept waiting for the pains to come. The stabbing pains that I am used to. When I realized I wasn't hurting, it was 5pm!!! Hopefully, I am cured!

But, I wonder are there any side effects to cupping, or is it just my body that is over tired? My back bone now hurts. I wonder is it due to the effects of cupping? Or that I somehow bruised myself again? Doesn't matter cos I'm glad that my back ache is gone..

Working Saturday.

This was taken last Friday night. Cs gets so red after only one glass of alcohol. He hates it, but its healthy right. It means your blood circulation is good. Unlike me. That night I had five glasses of whiskey coke and I'm pale in comparison. Blood circulation sucks. I have terrible constipation problems. Has anyone heard of Kenko Plums? I googled Kenko Plums and that is the first page I clicked and linked. Makes life easier for myself..It is quite a detailed explanation of Kenko Plums.

Anyway, I have been taking these plums for a few months now. I love them. They make me shit much more often, without the pain that comes with taking Senokot, a Senna laxative. I have been taking Senokot for a few years, once a week. They make me shit, but painfully. Prescription says take two to four for adults. I have to take four. With four tables, comes terrible stomach pains, and hunching over the toilet bowl for 30 minutes before the shit comes out.

Mum bought these organic drinks for me as well with laxative effects but I HATE THEM. Not only are they thick and gooey which makes them hard to swallow, they are also sandy and smelly. And most importantly, they don't work!! Crap.

Then I discovered Kenko. I've read about them on many blogs in Malaysia. And I have tried searching for them in Kuching but no pharmacies sell them. So, I contacted a blogger from KL, and she mailed one box to me. It worked very well for me. In the beginning I took 3 or 4 plums per day and I went to toilet the next day without any pain, without any of the panicky feeling that I can't go out of the house. Cos I need to use the toilet. I can't go anywhere, I'm sweating like a pig from all this pain cos of the laxatives. And I need to be home the next day.

Kenko is good. Kenko is my life saver. I just wish that they are more available in Kuching, and that they are not so pricey. I need to shit more often. Now, I take one prune per day. They are not the normal Sunsweet prunes you see everywhere. Those don't work. Trust me, I know. Before I tried Kenko, I used to force feed myself prunes, bananas, papayas and whatever food I see that is labeled "hi-fiber". In the end, I get full from all that, and I don't get to eat "real" food, or any food that I want..

Once, when I was still in London, and cramming for my finals, I had no time to cook or buy anything, I had bananas the whole day. Bananas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, before exams. Accompanied with red bull. I managed to shit the next day. Sitting in the toilet with my notes. heh. Don't think its wise to try it again in Kuching. My parents and cs will kill me.

The only time I can shit naturally is when I am nervous. When I have butterflies in my stomach. Something like that. For example, on the morning of my Bachelors graduation. While the others were eating breakfast, I was searching for a toilet, cos I was so nervous in anticipation of graduation man!!! Or before check-in, boarding a plane back to Malaysia. Or before an exam wtf. Sad and silly, but true.

Sigh. I envy people who can shit everyday.. Life is good.


cs said...

Thank god ur backache has gone.. If not i'll blame myself for bringing u to suffer from cupping.. =)

Amy said...

but my back bone now hurts. how?