Sunday, 10 May 2009

May 09 & 10

Has it been so long since I updated? Hmm..

Kevin (my bro) turned 26 yesterday. He is still not acting his age. Just now in the car, on the way back from dinner, he was still punching and pushing me around, just like what he used to do some 10, 15 and 20 years ago. I always get the unpleasant seat of sitting in the middle between kevin and winnie. Kevin would start pushing to get more space for himself. When I ask for a piece of tissue from mum in front, he would snatch it out of my hands just to piss me off. Then wipe his mouth with it, and throw it back at me.. Silly stuff like that.

In a way, I am glad that he is still the same. Would we go on teasing each other like that 10, 20 years down the road? I cant imagine when we are grown up. Shit I am grown up. I mean, when we are each married with kids. Fighting in front of our children? Haha. Winnie showing off her kung fu skills in the house. Oh yea, recently winnie and mum have started showing off kung fu skills trying to out beat each other, see who can jump higher, kick higher etc. Pretty dumb, but entertaining for the rest of us watching.

For his birthday, I got him 4 packets of keropok (crisps). Call me cheap skate all you want dear brother! Its a long standing joke between the both of us. As kids, I used to buy him things like jigsaw puzzles, that actually I want. But I buy it for him. Then, knowing he won't like it, he will give it to me. I know! That was when we were still in primary school. Then, I bought him cheap 20 cents lee fah mee keropok. Mostly food cos he likes to eat.

He always complains but he eats them all the same. He has already finished half of what I gave him yesterday. Should mean he likes them eh. :p

It is obligatory to have red eggs on the morning of our birthday at home. Dad started this tradition. It is just normal hard boiled eggs that have been dyed red. They taste the same as normal eggs except your hands are red after eating them.

He likes American Chocolate Cake. We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner last night. The whole family. I forgot the name of the restaurant. It was at RH Plaza at BDC. Dad said the kopitiam is new, just opened for business yesterday, meaning we were there on the first day. Dad was already telling everyone: this restaurant ho jiak (very delicious in hokkien). How the heck does he knows? He haven't even tasted it. His friend was the chef.

Anyway, we were sitting outside a shoplot number 33. I thought ei...this number is nice for a shop. Then, I asked dad: where is your office? I know its at RH Plaza, just didn't expect dad to answer me: this is my office larrr. Number 33. Upstairs!! This whole three floor! I burst out laughing. Turns out, before I asked dad, winnie had asked kevin the exact same question. After i asked, mum asked dad again: where is your office? We were all idiots. We all knew it was around that area. In our defense, dad didn't put up a huge sign outside his office, how do we know? He said the sign is at the back, cos the back is facing the main road. And at the staircase. True also. He is not opening a kopitiam, don't have to put a huge sign board to attract customers. heh..

It is Mum's Day today so Winnie and I bought mum these:

Pink carnations, and lily. Beautiful.

We went to Bella Italia for dinner, also at RH Plaza. Mum likes italian food, especially pizza. I inherited that from mum. Also inherited her looks I think:

I was starving so I didn't take any photos of the food sorry. But yea bella italia. Should give it a try if you haven't been there. Prices affordable. Portion just nice. Not too big, not too little. Taste is yum.

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