Sunday, 17 May 2009


It is finally Sunday. One free day. No plans to do anything today and I'm happy. It is Sunday but I'm not playing badminton this week.

Hmm...for those who know me well should know that I always have backache, on the lower left side of my back. Over the years, it only hurts before my period comes, or when I carry heavy stuff.. With period, come stomach pains and backache. But these recent months, my back aches more and more often, now everyday. I can't sit for too long. This proves to be a dilemma since my job requires me to sit in front of the computer on hours at a time.

I know that people who knows I have backache tell me, you should get up and walk every hour, more often. But, surely everyone can understand that when you're concentrating hard on something, you don't want to get up and walk around. When you do come back, that piece of thought is gone. And I lose the motivation, will to continue. Actually, come to think of it, I do go to toilet very often. Probably the most amongst my colleagues. They probably already think that I'm a lazy bum who wastes time.

My parents brought me to a specialist, who probed and touched my back to find the problem, and then prescribed some medicine for me, which stopped the pain for a while. After I stopped taking the medicine, the pain came back. So it was probably painkillers. :(

So, cs brought me to a chinese drugstore to get checked up. After touching and probing my back, listening to my pulse, like those Wang Fei Hong movies type doctor (haha i think its funny), he asked me do I get dizzy very easily? He said something about my ying or yang or whatever is unbalanced. I duno man. I can't even read the chinese words he wrote on the paper. Anyway, he also said my back pains were due to blood clots around the area, and that I should do cupping.

Without further ado, cs and I went into the back room, where he started. He said it will hurt. Cs' sister-in-law who went through this before said it doesn't hurt. Amy says: it hurts like hell. I don't want to imagine giving birth man! SHit! Some more, giving birth is pain from my vagina, my abdomen omg.

Sorry. Back to topic..

First, he located the spot where my clot area was. I'm sorry I don't know how he did that cos obviously I'm lying down on my stomach and gripping cs' hand so tightly from the pain, that I can't be bothered to remember what it feels like. I only know it hurts.

I know that he used little needles to poke hard into my already painful back (it hurts!), before he put the little cup on it and started pumping (it hurts again). Damn. do i have a low tolerance for pain or what. Anyway, according to the chinese sensei, I should have been in pain for quite some time cos the blood clot was quite a lot and very thick.

Cs, who was watching the whole thing said that blood is supposed to be flowing smoothly, like water. But my blood was so thick that it wouldn't even fall from the cup. Eww..

I know it looks gross...

Aftermath, my back now looks like this:

Like shit! And it still hurts. I can't bend down. The skin is still raw and bruised. I hope it gets well soon lar...I hope my back ache is gone. The all the pain is worth it. Boo...


Ahealth said...

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Anyways I understand it works quite well for backaches, headaches etc and so I am sure you will feel an improvement. In fact there is a couple of posts on our blog about that, and also the current post is about chiropractic, which is another therapy you might also want to consider for your back-pain.

Good luck


Amy said...

hey, yes I went to visit your blog. Interesting. Never knew cupping could be used for headaches as well.

Thanks for commenting and yea I hope my back pains will be gone for good.


Kitty said...

OMG.the pictures are eewwwwww.. i get goosebumps looking at it amy! haha. anyway take care love! see u soonxx