Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Current Fav Photo of Cherrie

Possible captions include but are not limited to:

Yo wassup?

What you staring at? My fanny?! Haha

Get that thing out of my face!

Go get my bone. Now. Now.

Wanna fight?

Want some pussy?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Merdeka eve

Some random photos of my life. A break from all that alcohol and clubbing. Not that it changes anything. Its public holiday tomorrow (Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!). Btw, non-Malaysians, Merdeka (Independent/Freedom in English) refers to Malaysia's Independence Day!

Since its public holiday tomorrow, three guesses where I will be and what I will be doing tonight. No. Not that one. Not singing the national anthem or holding a flag.

It has been 53 years since Tunku Abdul Rahman raised that flag at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm shamelessly happy the whole day, smiling at everybody, including the computer at work, because its holiday tomorrow!

So. I wrote this post some weeks ago.

I unearthed a maggot/worm in my chicken rice. I won't be having chicken rice for a while. Notice that I had almost finished the chicken rice. Only one piece of chicken left. And the worst thing was: the chicken rice wasn't even that nice at all. Mcb. Haii.

Construction work is (was - wrote this post weeks ago) ongoing outside my (old) house. This sucks max. A huge hole like that makes it soo inconvenient to leave the house in the morning and come back. This is the old house btw. But construction work has now moved on to the new house dammit. Sien.

All the shoes outside our house are so dusty every day. Every house has to go through this ritual (no better name). It is almost our turn (new house).

I really do not like to open the gate in the morning and have a bunch of construction workers stop their work to stare at you.

Tractors blocking the road early in the morning, making it hard for cs to pick me up. =(

Moving on. Abrupt change of topic.

All ice cream should come with a wafer stick. Even home made. When I serve this to other people, the laugh at me =.= why? Ice cream tastes so much better like this!

Found out that the (dusty) player come with a hole to stick my iPod in. Sounds wrong I know.. Socket. Whatever. But I like. Cos it means I don't have to burn CDs ever again. Can use USB now too. Yea yea I'm so SPK. But little things like this makes me happy.

I pimped my nails. I'm getting lazier these days. I don't bother with drawing lines, adding glitter etc. I just use stickers! Ha. Saves soo much time.

But the bad thing about using stickers is that it is so much harder to get rid of. Much more time consuming to have to scrape them off with nail polish remover.

Ah well. Beauty knows no pain. No pain no gain. I am referring to my nails ok. Not me. Not my face and definitely not my body.

Cs tried to imitate me. Baby fail.

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of Merdeka eve...

By eating and drinking the night away.

Btw, anyone noticed that new widget on my sidebar? I thought it looked cool so I added it. But its so pathetic, I don't have a trip planned anywhere. =.= Dammit. So I put on some random shit. Maybe on different occasions, I will put up fake travels to cheer myself up. Pathetic!

Free drinks at Core

Notice: Promotion ended already. I think it was just for the month of August!

By now, almost everyone knows that Core -the pub at Travillion is having some promotion thingy whereby if five (5) register their name before entry (no charge) to the pub/club, you can get a free bottle of either Vodka/Red Wine/Bacardi! Your choice. Mixers for free too.

How cool is that? Ehh geddit or not?

5 ladies come in together and get a free bottle. Just like that! FREE! NO CHARGE!

So guess where was I on Saturday night?

Btw, this promotion only applies to Friday and Saturday nights. But still cool.

We managed to gather a group of 10 women to go together on Saturday night - so we got an Absolut Vodka...

plus a bottle of red wine..

Free drinks people. Free mixers too. Paid for nothing the whole damn night. Being a girl so rocks. More than half of the pub was filled with ladies only. Only a small majority of guys.

Oh yes, I am holding a bottle of Heineken here. Cs bought a bottle. And one of the guys who worked there gave cs a few bottles of Heineken for free.

Maybe cos cs knew the waiters there. Why would he know the waiters there? Cos we used to frequent Core quite a bit.

I think getting Vodka would be your best bet for the night. Cos Vodka lasts longer than red wine. And I don't like Bacardi.

Btw, I don't look that white in real life, do I? Cos it looks unhealthy! Its the flash right? Dammit. I need to soak up some more Vitamin D.

These photos were taken on 21/8, not 28/8. The last weekend. Not this.

Last night (this weekend- sounds quite confusing), the initial plan was to go to Core to get more free drinks (last Saturday before promo ended), but they changed plans to go to cs' house instead.

A group of them brought swimming trunks, and swimming boards to cs' and my future place (haha), along with lots of food!

For a last minute decision, I was amazed at how quickly everyone moved. I was having dinner with my family at d'Village at Rock Road when cs text-ed me to tell me the plan was to go to the new house to hang out. That was 830pm.

They arrived with plates and plates of sushi (tapaued from Akira sushi at Boulevard), peanuts, and even two boxes of pizzas! Why oh why did I have dinner in advance? Le sigh. Sushi and pizza galore. I didn't touch even one slice of sushi or pizza - God I am so proud of myself. This is a first for me ok.

So what did we do at home? After swimming, we went back to feast on food. Ok they feasted on food while I watched. Not in envy really cos I was still quite bloated from dinner. In the meantime, free flow of red wine, Macallan and a liquor belonging to ah ong (forgot the name). Also, played cards while the other half played Wii.

No photos cos I didn't bring my camera- didn't expect anything to happen last night. Regret. Turns out everyone left at about 2am. A totally unplanned and random but great night out! Or in! Ha.

The only photo I took of myself before heading out.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Decent photos

Hello. Here I am really making an effort to blog more often. But what to talk about? Hmm..how about the past weekend?

I wrote the above sentences on Monday and left my post here till today (Friday). Drat. So much for making an effort to blog more often. Ha.


Last Friday afternoon, mum called me in the office to say that a bunch of them were going to VA that night, and would I like to join?

I said yes, despite Saturday being a working Saturday.

Ehh..work is work, play is play. Besides, all work and no play makes Amy a dull girl..So play I shall.

VA was so empty on Friday night - we quickly realized that oh yea, it was the fasting month for Malays! Puasa, that's why its so empty. I didn't realize that soo many Malays went to VA. Maybe the Iban, Bidayuh them are friends with Malays and since Malays cannot go, so they also didn't go. Just guessing. Heh.

So here are some photos to distract you..Some better looking photos of me (finally!) after so long. I was getting a bit sick of looking at my own photos in my blog.

Here, Rita, Winnie and I are waiting for the lucky draw at 9pm! Since there were so little people at VA, we won a jug of beer..yay. Saved about RM 70. Ha.

Nice photo of me with mum. For the hundredth time, we look so alike! I'm going to look exactly like mum in 25 years time..

With Winnie. I like her outfit that night. She got both top and skirt at FOS, Spring but when I went back to search for it, nada! Nowhere in sight. Just my luck. I like her heels too - got them at Taiwan.

My outfit is actually Winnie's too. Borrowed the dress she bought in Taiwan. Heels (cannot see) bought in KK in some cheap shop at Centerpoint for about RM 30. Damn cheap but I like..

Plus Angela and Janet. Oh yea, the night was supposedly also in celebration of Angela joining us again after 3 months. Cheers to Angela (far right).

Don't think I look all that good here but what the hell, this blog needs more photos of me.

And this is the lucky draw beer that we won, with way too many straws in it..

Quite easy to spot who's who I think. Oh can see (part of) my right heel in this photo. The cheap one.

Winnie looks so happy btw..

From Left: Amy, Winnie, Angela, mum, Janet.

This photo below turned out looking quite silly haha. Other people probably think we're nuts and/or cheapskate the way we crowd around that drink.

I don't know who finished the drink. I was just faking actually - cos working on Saturday. Boo..

Mum and her two daughters again. Its mum's birthday next week. At risk of sounding like a broken record. For the umpteenth time: Damn where has the time gone?

What did I do this year? Actually, I'm happy to note - plenty! At least I haven't been sitting around doing nothing while time flew by.

No surprise. No surprise here. Cs came to join us that night. Ho hum. What else is new?

VA was quite boring that night. Songs sucks too. Empty dance floor (too empty) makes dancing under the bright lights very awkward. So we all left early..

Its Friday again. No working on Saturday. Yay. Too bad I'm sick. Sort of. Had a temperature last night and popped some fever pills. Felt well enough to work (sort of) today.

But I'm so tired I just want to go home and sleep after work.

But at least its Friday! No working tomorrow. Can stay up late tonight. Can go watch movies with cs! Can eat Pizza. Can go drinking. Can go swimming. Can sleep till noon on Saturday! Can fly. Can touch the sky wtf.

Its Friday!! Means I can do anything I want!

Besides, its payday!! Yay!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Liar liar


If there's ONE Thing I HATE the most, its being called a LIAR!!

Fuck this shit! I hate hate hate hate being called a liar.

I hate it when I tell the truth and people look at me with that disbelieving/ incredulous/ chee bye face, and point a finger at me and say that godforsaken word: LIAR!

That's it. If I don't know you well, and you just simply call me a liar just like that, that's it. No point talking anymore. No point being friends since you don't believe me.

Seriously, this is the worst ever thing you can say to me!

What about people who know me well and call me a liar? Well depends. But so far none of my family or friends have ever called me a liar.

Those who have are not friends anymore.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Kuching Food Festival 2010

Wrote this on Sunday but there was something wrong with the connection. I could not post it. So I saved it in Microsoft Word.. So here it is copied from MS Word in some weird font. No idea how to change it without kacau-ing the photos. Damn. Lazy to figure it out.

Just Press Ctrl + for larger font lar okay.

Its that time of the year again where Kuching-ites look forward to the great annual Kuching festival! Mehh..

Every year its the same. Hu ha so boring. I went once this year only. Cs didn't even go there this year.

Anyway, today marks the last day of Kuching fest! It normally lasts 3 weeks.

Kuching festival is normally held in the month of August - I suppose cos it coincides with Malaysia's independence day - Aug 31. This is my rational line of thinking; could be wrong. No idea. Heh google it folks if you're interested!

There are normally just loads of food stalls of restaurants in lil Kuching. There are multiple stalls selling the same type of food such as: TAIWAN SAUSAGE! God, there were so many stalls of Taiwan sausage. So sick of it. Also, Teochew Oyster Omelet! Its a Kuching food fest phase that never ends!

And then there are some food that are only available at Kuching food fest such as Fried Ice Cream!

If there are places that sell this in Kuching, I don't know where it is. Pardon my ignorance. I only ever see this at the Kuching festival. Weird.

This is said Teochew Oyster Omelet (in the making):

Only difference from normal Oyster Omelet is that its all sticky and seriously looks very eww - but looks are deceiving. This tastes GOOD! Normal Oyster Omelet is crispy - like keropok/chips.

Not this stall below though-I ordered from this one and it sucked. Not that you can see which stall from the photo below. And Kuching fest ended already anyway. Oh well.

Every year, there are some stalls who try to come up with something special. Last year, it was some Chezzy fries. Ho hum sticky gooey stuff. Something different though. Nice change.

This year it was Tornado fries - just potato chips basically but they don't taste as good. Hard. Taste was from the powder they sprinkled on. Nothing outstanding but then at least its something different. Nice change too...

There are more and more stalls selling Taiwanese stuff - hair accessories, and food alike. I don't know but mum and Winnie do. They bought the same hair accesories stuff back from Taiwan, which are selling at Kuching fest.

There is a dinosaur! Daddy is excited. *cough*SPK*cough* Ha. Of course la. How many people can claim that they have seen a dinosaur? Haha. Ok ok. SPK is wrongly used this time.

FYI - SPK (Sua Pa Ku) in English means like the idiom (in Malay) toad under the well (katak di bawah tempurung something like that). Oh God I suck at explaining don't I? You have to be a Malaysian to understand me really.

There is a garden show every year.. Nothing much - just alot of lights and ponds.

And among the trees, fancy lights and ponds, spot Alvin! The poster photo bears quite a resemblance to the real Alvin.


Once upon a time

Found some long ago photos. Random post with out dated photos - but I want to keep my blog alive! I resolve to blog more often! :D

Btw, jumbled up post- no time to check for grammar and spelling.

1) Cs and I, when we were still friends - back in 2006, I think. Haha I find this photo hilarious now..sitting so far apart for what?! I still can't believe it. Fast forward to 2010, we are now buying house furniture together..

..and we will only sit so far apart again when taking photos when...we are quarrelling/fighting!

2) Winnie looks good here while I look...stupid/retarded. This photo was taken at home then (old house) before VA. Looks like it, from our outfits.

3) Winnie and I did this at the dinner table on New Year's Eve at Hilton with a bunch of the parent's friends. Hehe.

4)Looking back now, why ar? What were we drinking? I think we were just bored -nothing to do except take lots of photos of ourselves. And ran out of poses while sitting down, hence.

5) Once upon a time..in Amsterdam.

6) I felt so carefree and so young back then..This was taken at Stratford upon Avon -on a school trip! I think this was the only organized school trip that I participated in. (I mean with lecturers some more) That I went with schoolmates. For free!

Looking back now, I should have joined in more outings! And not work so hard (as in McD)- working too many hours. But then again, it was necessary at that time. No work, no $$ to go shopping. London is a bitch. London is not for students. If you are serious about studying, go stay in Sunderland, Newcastle, anywhere besides London.

Simply cos there are too many distractions in London. Its a place to go for fun! To go clubbing! Do touristy stuff..sightseeing. Go shopping till you drop! Not studying. Hehe. Some more accommodation and travel expenses are soo expensive. Not working in London is not an option for students- like me la. There are some people freaking rich - can afford to buy so many LV's and Gucci's..

It was such a wonderful day out. Paid for nothing some more. Wait. Maybe I did pay 5 pounds for the bus ride and oh yea food. But still worth it. Beautiful day out, great company, enjoyable day!

7) I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the butterflies. Ha. We didn't even go in to the butterfly farm cos...nayy..it just sounds boring! Also, what if the butterflies shit on you and we come out covered in droppings and smelly(I know this is not quite logical/possible la) or err rest on your body and refuse to fly off.

Oh well. I am still young at heart. :D

Looking at these photos, and writing this post makes me happier already.

Friday, 20 August 2010

11 Things I Did When I was 25

Doing a Kenny Sia. Sounds weird not to mention wrong.

25 things I did when I was 25. Ahem.

Because I am obviously nowhere near Kenny Sia, please read my post first before reading his. Haha. Cos obviously after reading his, mine is so mehh..

So, in no particular order..

1) After soo many years, I have finally managed to dress up for my first Halloween. *sobs. I don't know why but always due to some coincidence, I never managed to go out to party, and to dress up Oct 31st! Its the fates! So yea.

Last year, Winnie (after raiding mum's closet) suggested we dress up as witches! This we did. Managed to drag a few other friends into dressing up as well. Hmm..I wonder if I will do it again this year?

2) After joining the Badminton Club in school from Form 1 - Form 5, I have yet to play an actual game. I just never got round to doing it. OK fine. Since I only showed up at the club about 3 times in total all through 5 years (in 2 different schools), I don't think its too hard to believe!

My bf is a badminton fanatic. So, I got him to teach me. How to serve, how to hold a racket properly, and how to play a proper game! Finally!

Unfortunately, I got lazy after a few months. Truth was, badminton = overrated. Haha no offense baby!

3) I didn't go out of the country. Not even to Singapore or Brunei. Pathetic. I love Kuching so much that I went to Damai four times in a year. Yea, cos actually nowhere else to go in Kuching.

We didn't plan this in advance. First time was in Jan - my cousin from Taiwan came to visit and we organized a trip to Damai Beach.

Second was cs' birthday and we went to Damai Puri (my first time there).

Third was my birthday - we had so much fun on cs' birthday that I wanted to go again on my birthday! Fourth was during the Raya holidays with my family! Also very random! Sorry no photos of other people paiseh -no one else likes taking photos of themselves as much as me. =)

4) Witnessed a screaming orgasm. Haha. Kidding. This was one of the members of a group that was in Check-in (a pub at Travillion). Sorry, very random I know, but I am running out of things to write already.

5)Dad finally renovated the new house he bought some 2 years ago (I think). Left it there and never got round to doing anything. Just goes to show how fast time goes by...

7) We said goodbye to ah boi. Nobody is too sure (including the vets) what sickness it was, but it should be a combination of old age, diabetes, and athritis. Ah boi will always be in our hearts.

To this day, mum's T707's wallpaper is still ah boi.

8) We also bought a new pet - someone to accompany mum and Eli at home. Cute Cherrie - she made our home so much livelier, and noisier! Watching my parents coo over Cherrie, its like their new daughter or granddaughter. They buy her so many toys, treats and snacks. The whole house is littered with Cherrie's stuff.

How could some people not love dogs? Its so nice to arrive home to a cute fluffy little dog happily jumping up and down waiting to greet you. No matter how tired you are, seeing this little cutie will always make you smile:

9) I went to KL twice with cs. Talked about this before so no need to talk about it now..

Went to KL in April - our main objective was to get to IKEA. Go there we did. Came back happy I did.

I can't believe how fast time flies-the house is almost done now. We just need to fill it up with more furniture mainly a bedroom set and kitchen cabinets.

11) Also went to KK and tried parasailing. Blogged about this before too. Blah.

KK with group of friends

I have nothing new to write about since I mentioned this all before hmm..

I also met up with Shirley and Nifer, my two bitches! Please feel free to look through my archives. It should be under the Clubbing category.


2006. I miss them soo much..T___T

It seems like so long ago. In a way, it was. Like a lifetime before. Everything was different then.

Camden town! The reason I went to Camden so often was because of Nifer. It was because of Nifer that I found a (few) jobs there. Haha. I was surprised at the number of Malaysians who were working there at Camden.

Photos from soo long ago..Memories will always stay. I want to go back to London - even if its just a short holiday. I want to go back to all those places. I want to be a tourist guide and walk along Westminster, go to Chinatown, Millennium bridge, go back to Bermondsey, Kings Cross, and Manor House.

Go back to London Bridge and find my old college-look up Dr. Kumar for fun! Eat in a McD. Borrow Shirley's employee card! I miss London!

I miss the other two. I found this long lost photo! Classic!

One of the ugliest graduation photo ever!! Ha.

I forgot what no. I was on. Oh well. 25 things is just too many things for me to list down and write all at once.

So..I'm going to call it a day and just post it like this - BYE! TGIF! Not. Working on Saturday. =(