Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Kuching International Dance Festival 2010

Hello. I haven't been blogging in quite some time. Sorry.

Been busy with cleaning at the new house and er... planning my birthday party - in 2 days. Haha shameless.

So, photos from long ago. At Four Points Hotel.

Here are the tickets:

Its the 2nd Kuching International Dance Festival - I think. From what I can see from the ticket. The whole night was very entertaining. Dances and performances throughout the whole night. We were very entertained that for once, I didn't take any photos of the food!

We were seated at table 25. We here consisted of dad, me, cs, Kev, and some of dad's office people.

This keropok manufacturer must have been one of the sponsors of the event cos who serves prawn crackers during dinners?

Contrary to popular belief, Malaysian-Chinese do not eat prawn crackers as appetizers during dinners. We eat peanuts instead or the more posh ones eat stuff such as small portions of drunken chicken, sesame chicken pickled vegetables etc. Can't think of any now.

I'm saying this cos when I was in London, the Chinese restaurant there serve prawn crackers for free before the meal. So either the Chinese (from China) or Taiwanese do that. But to my knowledge, Taiwanese don't. So..hmm...any Chinese (from China) care to enlighten me?

Not complaining though. When you're overseas, you miss Chinese food or food from home. Surrounded by burgers do that to you. So we (Shirley, Nifer and I) stuff ourselves with prawn crackers since they are free. Maybe they are a marketing strategy eh instead of Chinese beliefs.

Marketing strategy as in: customers think the restaurant is being generous by providing free prawn crackers. Truth is, prawn crackers cost like 5 p to cook only. Ptui. Effective for guai lous (ang mo/ foreigners) or people who miss home aka me.

OK. Ignore me.

Prawn crackers!

Some of the dance performances that night!

Nice stage setting eh? Its just a huge projector screen plus really fancy lights. But it looks good.

There were dance performances from representing countries including: China, Taiwan, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea. (Oh God I'm sorry but I totally forgot what the countries were. There were some European countries too but I can't recall!)

The dance performances kept me pretty occupied. I didn't even look to see which group were from which country!


I do remember this one! He he he!

This is the Phillipines! Their moves kept me quite err..transfixed.

Tell me you wouldn't want to watch too. Haha.

No lar, I think its a dance about lovers or something. Judging by their err intimate moves..

The guy looks so enjoy lar.

Seriously though. They were amazing acrobats! In great shape obviously or they won't be able to perform such moves. Not just this group. I meant the whole group.

They were strong and versatile yet so graceful in their moves. Kinda makes me want to learn to dance.

Oh yea its the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates Association who organized this event. Very well put together. Only thing was...I remember was quite mediocre. Nothing outstanding that's why I didn't bother taking photos. Not even to criticize...

But of course la. The people who organized this event depend on sponsors to donate $$ to their organization. Obviously they won't spend the $$ on the food, of all things. :D

We get free flow beer!! Cos someone sponsored 15 crates or was that 50 crates to the event! Of TsingTao. We saw the empty boxes outside - yea so that must be 50 crates. So cool!

I did my nails. Only the thumbs though. But it lasted one whole day and night only. The next day, I went to cs' house to clean and goodbye pretty nails. Hello housewife mi.

The end of the night. Nice right the banquet hall? I love the lighting. So pretty, modern and grand at the same time.

Getting ready to leave...

So that's it..

No wait. Before you go..

One last photo!








Courtesy of ah fan. HAHA


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