Friday, 27 August 2010

Decent photos

Hello. Here I am really making an effort to blog more often. But what to talk about? about the past weekend?

I wrote the above sentences on Monday and left my post here till today (Friday). Drat. So much for making an effort to blog more often. Ha.


Last Friday afternoon, mum called me in the office to say that a bunch of them were going to VA that night, and would I like to join?

I said yes, despite Saturday being a working Saturday. is work, play is play. Besides, all work and no play makes Amy a dull girl..So play I shall.

VA was so empty on Friday night - we quickly realized that oh yea, it was the fasting month for Malays! Puasa, that's why its so empty. I didn't realize that soo many Malays went to VA. Maybe the Iban, Bidayuh them are friends with Malays and since Malays cannot go, so they also didn't go. Just guessing. Heh.

So here are some photos to distract you..Some better looking photos of me (finally!) after so long. I was getting a bit sick of looking at my own photos in my blog.

Here, Rita, Winnie and I are waiting for the lucky draw at 9pm! Since there were so little people at VA, we won a jug of beer..yay. Saved about RM 70. Ha.

Nice photo of me with mum. For the hundredth time, we look so alike! I'm going to look exactly like mum in 25 years time..

With Winnie. I like her outfit that night. She got both top and skirt at FOS, Spring but when I went back to search for it, nada! Nowhere in sight. Just my luck. I like her heels too - got them at Taiwan.

My outfit is actually Winnie's too. Borrowed the dress she bought in Taiwan. Heels (cannot see) bought in KK in some cheap shop at Centerpoint for about RM 30. Damn cheap but I like..

Plus Angela and Janet. Oh yea, the night was supposedly also in celebration of Angela joining us again after 3 months. Cheers to Angela (far right).

Don't think I look all that good here but what the hell, this blog needs more photos of me.

And this is the lucky draw beer that we won, with way too many straws in it..

Quite easy to spot who's who I think. Oh can see (part of) my right heel in this photo. The cheap one.

Winnie looks so happy btw..

From Left: Amy, Winnie, Angela, mum, Janet.

This photo below turned out looking quite silly haha. Other people probably think we're nuts and/or cheapskate the way we crowd around that drink.

I don't know who finished the drink. I was just faking actually - cos working on Saturday. Boo..

Mum and her two daughters again. Its mum's birthday next week. At risk of sounding like a broken record. For the umpteenth time: Damn where has the time gone?

What did I do this year? Actually, I'm happy to note - plenty! At least I haven't been sitting around doing nothing while time flew by.

No surprise. No surprise here. Cs came to join us that night. Ho hum. What else is new?

VA was quite boring that night. Songs sucks too. Empty dance floor (too empty) makes dancing under the bright lights very awkward. So we all left early..

Its Friday again. No working on Saturday. Yay. Too bad I'm sick. Sort of. Had a temperature last night and popped some fever pills. Felt well enough to work (sort of) today.

But I'm so tired I just want to go home and sleep after work.

But at least its Friday! No working tomorrow. Can stay up late tonight. Can go watch movies with cs! Can eat Pizza. Can go drinking. Can go swimming. Can sleep till noon on Saturday! Can fly. Can touch the sky wtf.

Its Friday!! Means I can do anything I want!

Besides, its payday!! Yay!


Miss G said...

i loves ur mummy's top! very bohemian!!! pair it with a rugged jeans and wear a braided headband.. ooh la la.. hahaah

Amy said...

hahah she says thanks. btw, she bought it at parkson, spring. :D