Sunday, 1 August 2010

KK Trip - One Borneo

One Borneo is the largest shopping mall in Sabah. Not sure in East Malaysia, or whole of Malaysia or not? Cant be. Lazy to check. All I know is that its definitely largest in Sabah.

And it is overrated. It doesn't make me want to go back. (Shopping or otherwise)

How do I explain it? There is nothing much that attracts me. No happy shopping environment, nothing that makes me want to go back.

It could be the Spring. T_T

Its not like say, Sungei Wang or Times Square. I just want to go back and go shopping every weekend. One Borneo, not so much. Its like a tourist trap but nothing inside to attract the tourist. Plenty of taxis out front that charge ridiculous prices turn me off too.

We (cs & I) arrived at about 10am. I think. Yea, we tourists are very kiasu. The guys arrived about 11am. Haha kiasu too. We thought we could spend the whole day there. Disappointed!

For breakfast, we decided to try the new Great/Grilled/Gourmet/ Chicken Burger (GCB) at McD. Everyone probably knows this by now. But when I saw the commercial on tv (at KK), I foolishly forgot that I was still in Malaysia -_-

I thought the GCB burger was only available there (in KK). Yea being on holiday makes me stupid? Haha. I was thinking of Taiwan actually. When we were in Taiwan, and the commercial always shows food of which I dont know/have never tried.

Coincidentally, while I was in KK, mum and Winnie were in Taiwan. If I hadn't booked the KK trip first, I would join them in TW. Soo jealous.

Anyway. GCB. This is cs' new standard to-order item at McD. He is lovin it. Particularly the chicken skin.

I tried it once. Its nice. Little bit spicy - the sauce. But I cant take spicy stuff at all. So most people would go: ehh? What spicy?

Ahh nevermind.

Its okay. I still prefer Double cheese though.

This post and its photos serve to illustrate how boring One Borneo is.

Disclaimer: This is my view only ok. There are a lot of shops open (Sea world is not though why) and I am very broke so I didn't do much shopping. My fault. Not One Borneo. Why don't they have RM 25, RM35 shops?

One Borneo is huge though. We got lost so many times its not funny. We can't find our way back or out. We can't find the store we went into earlier. We cant find the others and we would lose each other if we are not stuck to each others hips. Haha.

This is not saying much cos I still err get lost in Spring somewhat. I have no sense of direction. Cs laughs at me cos I err cant find the exit still. T_T Its Spring's fault. Why is there no signs to direct people to the exit, to Kenny Rogers, to the food court, to Ta Kiong? Why why?

There is one thing I find very interesting about One Borneo.


One Borneo is turning me into a retard. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

The guys actually went to watch a movie: INCEPTION. They said it sucked. Frankie fell asleep. I have no idea. I didn't watch it. answer your question. One Borneo has a lot of FAKE GRASS. Haha. Ehh serious they even have a fake wonderland. Photos below!

They have a lot of arcade machines though! A lot of these throughout the shopping mall. I don't think that I am so blur that I don't know if I'm walking past the same arcade, am I? Hmm anyway.

We played basketball.

Oh oh I love these massage machines! Spring should introduce this too. No wait. All shopping malls should introduce this! So useful! So much better than fake grass and games arcade.


For some reason, during our trip, all of us were complaining (not really complaining but everyone wanted to get a massage) of back/chest/legs pains. Not really pain but you know, I think we kinda overdid stuff. Played too hard.

View from the 6th floor - It has a jacuzzi.

Woke up early in the morning to go swimming wtf or go eat breakfast, then go out the whole day and come back swimming again (crazy people).

Then go out for dinner (or cook at the apartment) then go clubbing. Routine continues 6 days. Its no wonder some of us get sick and everyone is in need of serious massage.

Btw there were two pools at Marina Court apartments - where we stayed so we damn kiasu have to swim in both pools lar!


I look so enjoy. Massage is good.

The bf had bak kut teh. Men get hungry so fast. Why doesn't he gain weight when he eats so much? Cos he exercises just as much too. Sigh.

Nothing to rave about bak kut teh. But look its still boiling away on our table. So hot how to eat? Haha I am the complain Queen.

Server: So hard to please go eat shit lar. (say that in hokkien - funnier)

This is said weird and fake wonderland. Fake grass/fake trees. Weird cos the whole place was empty. No entrance fees. The guy at the door continues playing his game and ignores us while we take lots of photos inside.

We didn't even spend any money on the machines/games. My motive was just to take as many photos as possible and if no one is stopping

It was quite creepy and I almost expected to see a crocodile in this swamp. I didn't dare walk on the plank/bridge too. In case really got crocodile. Or in case it broke. Or in case we were in a Gotcha show or whatever.

Yea I think too much.

I did walk (almost ran) across in the end. After cs.


Cs: Hmm..should I play another game of basketball?

Weird place right? The place was giving off some strange vibes and I didn't want to stay long. Some eerie music was being played, and the place was large and empty except for the two of us. Just weird. So uncomfortable.

Done for tonight. Update more tomorrow night.



cs said...

I should play the basketball game at the creepy place.. regret..haha

Amy said...

haha issit? Go back and play. I wait for u here. hehehe