Friday, 20 August 2010

11 Things I Did When I was 25

Doing a Kenny Sia. Sounds weird not to mention wrong.

25 things I did when I was 25. Ahem.

Because I am obviously nowhere near Kenny Sia, please read my post first before reading his. Haha. Cos obviously after reading his, mine is so mehh..

So, in no particular order..

1) After soo many years, I have finally managed to dress up for my first Halloween. *sobs. I don't know why but always due to some coincidence, I never managed to go out to party, and to dress up Oct 31st! Its the fates! So yea.

Last year, Winnie (after raiding mum's closet) suggested we dress up as witches! This we did. Managed to drag a few other friends into dressing up as well. Hmm..I wonder if I will do it again this year?

2) After joining the Badminton Club in school from Form 1 - Form 5, I have yet to play an actual game. I just never got round to doing it. OK fine. Since I only showed up at the club about 3 times in total all through 5 years (in 2 different schools), I don't think its too hard to believe!

My bf is a badminton fanatic. So, I got him to teach me. How to serve, how to hold a racket properly, and how to play a proper game! Finally!

Unfortunately, I got lazy after a few months. Truth was, badminton = overrated. Haha no offense baby!

3) I didn't go out of the country. Not even to Singapore or Brunei. Pathetic. I love Kuching so much that I went to Damai four times in a year. Yea, cos actually nowhere else to go in Kuching.

We didn't plan this in advance. First time was in Jan - my cousin from Taiwan came to visit and we organized a trip to Damai Beach.

Second was cs' birthday and we went to Damai Puri (my first time there).

Third was my birthday - we had so much fun on cs' birthday that I wanted to go again on my birthday! Fourth was during the Raya holidays with my family! Also very random! Sorry no photos of other people paiseh -no one else likes taking photos of themselves as much as me. =)

4) Witnessed a screaming orgasm. Haha. Kidding. This was one of the members of a group that was in Check-in (a pub at Travillion). Sorry, very random I know, but I am running out of things to write already.

5)Dad finally renovated the new house he bought some 2 years ago (I think). Left it there and never got round to doing anything. Just goes to show how fast time goes by...

7) We said goodbye to ah boi. Nobody is too sure (including the vets) what sickness it was, but it should be a combination of old age, diabetes, and athritis. Ah boi will always be in our hearts.

To this day, mum's T707's wallpaper is still ah boi.

8) We also bought a new pet - someone to accompany mum and Eli at home. Cute Cherrie - she made our home so much livelier, and noisier! Watching my parents coo over Cherrie, its like their new daughter or granddaughter. They buy her so many toys, treats and snacks. The whole house is littered with Cherrie's stuff.

How could some people not love dogs? Its so nice to arrive home to a cute fluffy little dog happily jumping up and down waiting to greet you. No matter how tired you are, seeing this little cutie will always make you smile:

9) I went to KL twice with cs. Talked about this before so no need to talk about it now..

Went to KL in April - our main objective was to get to IKEA. Go there we did. Came back happy I did.

I can't believe how fast time flies-the house is almost done now. We just need to fill it up with more furniture mainly a bedroom set and kitchen cabinets.

11) Also went to KK and tried parasailing. Blogged about this before too. Blah.

KK with group of friends

I have nothing new to write about since I mentioned this all before hmm..

I also met up with Shirley and Nifer, my two bitches! Please feel free to look through my archives. It should be under the Clubbing category.


2006. I miss them soo much..T___T

It seems like so long ago. In a way, it was. Like a lifetime before. Everything was different then.

Camden town! The reason I went to Camden so often was because of Nifer. It was because of Nifer that I found a (few) jobs there. Haha. I was surprised at the number of Malaysians who were working there at Camden.

Photos from soo long ago..Memories will always stay. I want to go back to London - even if its just a short holiday. I want to go back to all those places. I want to be a tourist guide and walk along Westminster, go to Chinatown, Millennium bridge, go back to Bermondsey, Kings Cross, and Manor House.

Go back to London Bridge and find my old college-look up Dr. Kumar for fun! Eat in a McD. Borrow Shirley's employee card! I miss London!

I miss the other two. I found this long lost photo! Classic!

One of the ugliest graduation photo ever!! Ha.

I forgot what no. I was on. Oh well. 25 things is just too many things for me to list down and write all at once.

So..I'm going to call it a day and just post it like this - BYE! TGIF! Not. Working on Saturday. =(

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