Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I wanna go to Taiwan too

Its been some time since I wrote these ramdom posts. I like. Cos I have the worst memory - few weeks back and I cant think of anything to write. Some more I like jumping back and forth on different topics. I think I don't have an organized mind. Okay. Not think. I know I don't have an organized mind.

Without Winnie and Eli, my room would be one big mess - everything still in plastic bags, stuff left in luggage cases, and oh you should see what's in my bags. Kinda like Doraemon's pockets - not a good example cos he got cool stuff but I got garbage. So, kinda like Hagrid's coat pockets. haha


1) Cherrie is getting so big. 3 kg as of today. She was 1.5 kg when we brought her home 2 months ago. Brought her to the vet today for her vaccination. Even the vet thinks she's a handful - he can't feed her her medicine. Mum had to do it. Cherrie is super hyper!

Bites everything and everyone. When will she grow out of it, if ever?!

2) Mum and Winnie came back from Taiwan. Shop till you drop.

Oh sorry didn't realize the photo looks like this. Oh well. See no touch anyway. Nvm. Those black round things are iron eggs (in mandarin) - basically just normal eggs with a very chewy cover. Like squid but its egg inside.

And those bread/pastry thingy that Doreamon eats - y'know? I forgot what is inside? Er..red bean..no..err..forgot. Sorry I'm not more helpful. Heh heh.

I MISS TAIWAN!! I have no idea how all three of my cousins' kids look like! The last time I went back, her first-born was 8 months old! I miss everyone! I want to go to Taiwan. I tell everyone next year, next year, next year. When will next year come?

3) Winnie on her bed surrounded by our goods. Shopping isn't really cheap in Taiwan. You have to know where to go. Mum and Winnie are experts by now.

4) Like my pen? Hahaha..Winnie and I each have one. Its feels like the real thing - not that I should know eh. Ahem. Cs says it feels like the real thing lol. Quite rubbery and soft and hard at the same time.

5) I seldom wear red. So this deserves a photo..

6) I still think Kilkenny kicks Guiness' ass! I don't drink much Guiness to be honest but the few times I had, I thought Kilkenny was better. More smooth going down. Hmm..

7) Alvin and Mary showing us how its done. Gargle some Sambucca (I think) in your mouth. Then light it up in your mouth. Swallow. Should be some pretty hot stuff.

This was at McGregor's on a Saturday night. I didn't try. Think I'm getting old.

I keep saying that - I think I'm getting old. But little did I think of it seriously. Fcuk. I will be 26 next week - I never noticed that I have more freckles on my face now, the eye bags around my eyes almost never fades away, my face is not as smooth as before, and pretty soon I'll have saggy tits WTF. Not funny! Noooo...

Moving on. Think of something else.

8) There. A decent picture still. Phew. Not as old as I sound. heh heh. Still safe for a few more years. But maybe I should buy those collagen drinks. Just in case. Hmm..and change my entire skincare regime to anti-wrinkles.

I think I'm getting paranoid here. My mum thinks I look damn aunty - the way I dress to work and wearing ugly outsize specs that keeps falling.

Speaking of this, I have a question. Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks dressing up to the office is silly cos I just sit there for 8 hours straight staring/squinting/frowning at the computer.

I don't work in sales, I don't meet clients. I don't depend on my looks to earn a monthly wage. I don't feel the need to compete/compare with other girls. So, no. I don't think I need to dress up everyday to the office - eventhough I realize that is how the world sees me. As a boring aunty who doesn't care about her looks in the day time.

I've never been a day person. I don't put on makeup to go shopping, eat brunch, lunch, or go on dates in the day time. I don't know why. Somehow, I feel that it goes against my beliefs/principle/intentions whatever. I don't know.

At night though. Different story. I seem to wake up in the evening. At night, I have to wash my hair before going out, I put on make up, I care about how I look, I obsess over which top to wear, whether my shoes match my outfit etc. I put on a sleeping mask.

So. Is it just me?

9) New hair tie Winnie bought in Taiwan - comes in different colours. I like!

10) We have a sofa and dining table! Finally. No need to sit on the floor. Can sleep there now too. Happy happy. :D

11) Just because there is no photo of cs in this post. Not possible since he plays such a huge part in my life. ♥

There. That should make him smile a while.

He's been soo busy everyday with work and the new house. So stressed out all the time. In a bad mood. Worse when he has not eaten. haha Its true. Men are crabbier when they are hungry!


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