Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Liar liar


If there's ONE Thing I HATE the most, its being called a LIAR!!

Fuck this shit! I hate hate hate hate being called a liar.

I hate it when I tell the truth and people look at me with that disbelieving/ incredulous/ chee bye face, and point a finger at me and say that godforsaken word: LIAR!

That's it. If I don't know you well, and you just simply call me a liar just like that, that's it. No point talking anymore. No point being friends since you don't believe me.

Seriously, this is the worst ever thing you can say to me!

What about people who know me well and call me a liar? Well depends. But so far none of my family or friends have ever called me a liar.

Those who have are not friends anymore.


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