Monday, 23 August 2010

Kuching Food Festival 2010

Wrote this on Sunday but there was something wrong with the connection. I could not post it. So I saved it in Microsoft Word.. So here it is copied from MS Word in some weird font. No idea how to change it without kacau-ing the photos. Damn. Lazy to figure it out.

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Its that time of the year again where Kuching-ites look forward to the great annual Kuching festival! Mehh..

Every year its the same. Hu ha so boring. I went once this year only. Cs didn't even go there this year.

Anyway, today marks the last day of Kuching fest! It normally lasts 3 weeks.

Kuching festival is normally held in the month of August - I suppose cos it coincides with Malaysia's independence day - Aug 31. This is my rational line of thinking; could be wrong. No idea. Heh google it folks if you're interested!

There are normally just loads of food stalls of restaurants in lil Kuching. There are multiple stalls selling the same type of food such as: TAIWAN SAUSAGE! God, there were so many stalls of Taiwan sausage. So sick of it. Also, Teochew Oyster Omelet! Its a Kuching food fest phase that never ends!

And then there are some food that are only available at Kuching food fest such as Fried Ice Cream!

If there are places that sell this in Kuching, I don't know where it is. Pardon my ignorance. I only ever see this at the Kuching festival. Weird.

This is said Teochew Oyster Omelet (in the making):

Only difference from normal Oyster Omelet is that its all sticky and seriously looks very eww - but looks are deceiving. This tastes GOOD! Normal Oyster Omelet is crispy - like keropok/chips.

Not this stall below though-I ordered from this one and it sucked. Not that you can see which stall from the photo below. And Kuching fest ended already anyway. Oh well.

Every year, there are some stalls who try to come up with something special. Last year, it was some Chezzy fries. Ho hum sticky gooey stuff. Something different though. Nice change.

This year it was Tornado fries - just potato chips basically but they don't taste as good. Hard. Taste was from the powder they sprinkled on. Nothing outstanding but then at least its something different. Nice change too...

There are more and more stalls selling Taiwanese stuff - hair accessories, and food alike. I don't know but mum and Winnie do. They bought the same hair accesories stuff back from Taiwan, which are selling at Kuching fest.

There is a dinosaur! Daddy is excited. *cough*SPK*cough* Ha. Of course la. How many people can claim that they have seen a dinosaur? Haha. Ok ok. SPK is wrongly used this time.

FYI - SPK (Sua Pa Ku) in English means like the idiom (in Malay) toad under the well (katak di bawah tempurung something like that). Oh God I suck at explaining don't I? You have to be a Malaysian to understand me really.

There is a garden show every year.. Nothing much - just alot of lights and ponds.

And among the trees, fancy lights and ponds, spot Alvin! The poster photo bears quite a resemblance to the real Alvin.


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