Sunday, 29 August 2010

Merdeka eve

Some random photos of my life. A break from all that alcohol and clubbing. Not that it changes anything. Its public holiday tomorrow (Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!). Btw, non-Malaysians, Merdeka (Independent/Freedom in English) refers to Malaysia's Independence Day!

Since its public holiday tomorrow, three guesses where I will be and what I will be doing tonight. No. Not that one. Not singing the national anthem or holding a flag.

It has been 53 years since Tunku Abdul Rahman raised that flag at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm shamelessly happy the whole day, smiling at everybody, including the computer at work, because its holiday tomorrow!

So. I wrote this post some weeks ago.

I unearthed a maggot/worm in my chicken rice. I won't be having chicken rice for a while. Notice that I had almost finished the chicken rice. Only one piece of chicken left. And the worst thing was: the chicken rice wasn't even that nice at all. Mcb. Haii.

Construction work is (was - wrote this post weeks ago) ongoing outside my (old) house. This sucks max. A huge hole like that makes it soo inconvenient to leave the house in the morning and come back. This is the old house btw. But construction work has now moved on to the new house dammit. Sien.

All the shoes outside our house are so dusty every day. Every house has to go through this ritual (no better name). It is almost our turn (new house).

I really do not like to open the gate in the morning and have a bunch of construction workers stop their work to stare at you.

Tractors blocking the road early in the morning, making it hard for cs to pick me up. =(

Moving on. Abrupt change of topic.

All ice cream should come with a wafer stick. Even home made. When I serve this to other people, the laugh at me =.= why? Ice cream tastes so much better like this!

Found out that the (dusty) player come with a hole to stick my iPod in. Sounds wrong I know.. Socket. Whatever. But I like. Cos it means I don't have to burn CDs ever again. Can use USB now too. Yea yea I'm so SPK. But little things like this makes me happy.

I pimped my nails. I'm getting lazier these days. I don't bother with drawing lines, adding glitter etc. I just use stickers! Ha. Saves soo much time.

But the bad thing about using stickers is that it is so much harder to get rid of. Much more time consuming to have to scrape them off with nail polish remover.

Ah well. Beauty knows no pain. No pain no gain. I am referring to my nails ok. Not me. Not my face and definitely not my body.

Cs tried to imitate me. Baby fail.

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of Merdeka eve...

By eating and drinking the night away.

Btw, anyone noticed that new widget on my sidebar? I thought it looked cool so I added it. But its so pathetic, I don't have a trip planned anywhere. =.= Dammit. So I put on some random shit. Maybe on different occasions, I will put up fake travels to cheer myself up. Pathetic!

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