Friday, 6 August 2010

KK Trip - BED, Marina Court

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So. We went to BED three nights in a row for three obvious reasons:

1) Its close to our apartment. Within a 5 minutes walking distance. Damn close. Can hear the music every night from my bedroom. So I guess make that a 2 minute walk! Or 5 if you wear heels, 2 if you don't.

2) It rocks. I like the band. They sing well and do a great job entertaining the crowd. Don't know the name of the band, sorry.

3) Hmm..can't think of any but would like to add no. 3 anyway. Its not cheap, if that's what you are thinking. Clubbing in KK is anything but cheap!

But we go anyway. Cos what else is there to do at night after dinner?

Sleep? Supper? There's only so much you can eat ok.

Plus combine a group of 9 young adults, in one apartment, 7 of whom are men, they can only come up with: clubbing. Cos it comes in a hot chick + alcohol package.

So here comes a shit load of photos for your viewing pleasure..

Blur but I like this photo.

Notice that our outfit changes cos they are from different nights..

Alvin's uncle (far left) accompanied us for one night.

BED looks like a large warehouse from outside, and err actually on the inside too. Maybe it is a warehouse/factory. To my knowledge, there are no second or third floors . or we would have gone already

The inside is just exactly like a large warehouse. Kinda expect police to come sapu any minute.

Soo crowded during the weekends. Wish there's a BED or something like that in Kuching. We need a change from local pubs. I want to listen to the band while drinking my alcohol. I want to watch them shake their asses properly.

I don't want to watch college kids monopolize the pub, the way they do with Travillion. I don't want to watch shuffle. Not again.

Most of all I want to dance but don't want people to stare at my weird dancing skills. Can?
Possible in Malaysia or not?

The waitresses selling shots were drunk by the end of the night. I showed her the photos I took of her the next night I was there. She looked so bewildered at herself kissing Alvin's uncle!

She was shaking her head confusedly and said she forgot that incident happened. She was quite cute actually.


Somebody ordered for some drink and before I knew it, this scene greeted me. Don't really remember what happened here:

Alvin and Wee lee.

Oh this was from another night I think..

Cs. No idea what to caption photos already..

Me. I deserve two photos cos I wrote this.

Seriously though, it was quite exhausting going out like that. Energy habis! We (Cs & I) found tis awesome place to massgae for only RM 38 (I think). It was the BEST massage I have ever been to some more.

Its located at Centerpoint. Just walk in from the main entrance, and turn left immediately and walk to the end. That is the massage place. Looks pretty dodgy actually and small. But they're good and professional.

We both felt so much better after that. Went back to the apartment to gloat to everyone that we found a cheap and good massage place. Haha cos everyone wanted to get a massage too.

Me, Nicholas, and Frankie..

Plus Cs and Francis, minus me.

I like that since its so close to where we stay, we can come and leave anytime we want. Some of us came earlier at 10pm, while some came close to midnight cos they were catching up on sleep.

Then, while some of us left around 1am, they stayed or changed cluubs till about 4 or 5 am. Not sure. I know some of them even went out for breakfast at 6am after clubbing.

After clubbing ritual:

Maggi mee! Logic was, you burned off so many calories dancing and sweating and squeezing in with the crowd that its time to refuel.

So refuel we did.

Btw, this is our second apartment. We stayed three nights in anoter block and moved here for two nights. Wished we were assigned to this apartment from the beginning!

It was soo much better than the previous one. Staying at the old apartment, I sometimes catch myself thinking: cant wait to go home and get a proper shower. And soo not looking forward to putting on makeup with no mirror in the room. There is one in the toilet but I can't spend too much time in there, not that I want to, cos other people need the toilet too. Plus wash your hair and no hair dryer later.

This is how it looks like. New apartment:

Dining table, plus Nicholas in the kitchen cooking maggi mee.

Clean, modern and spacious living room. Balcony behind the curtain. Hmm wait..was there a balcony? Don't remember! Memory loss!

Cs' and my bedroom. With a working remote control for the aircon. With a mirror and a hair dryer!

Kitchen - nothing to complain about. Clean and the house owner provided all the basic stuff for us..

The guys' master bedroom comes with a bathroom.

What sucked was that between 9 of us, we had to share two sets of keys only! To get through this door below, you need to scan yourself through. But never mind. If you have a thick face, run up to the other strangers who just opened the door, and shout and wave for them to hold it open for you.

They could be tourists like yourself or families who actually live there. Remember to control your facial expressions or you could end up scaring them and have the door slammed in your face.

That's all. Seriously though, if you're going to Kota Kinabalu, stay at Marina Court!

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