Sunday, 29 August 2010

Free drinks at Core

Notice: Promotion ended already. I think it was just for the month of August!

By now, almost everyone knows that Core -the pub at Travillion is having some promotion thingy whereby if five (5) register their name before entry (no charge) to the pub/club, you can get a free bottle of either Vodka/Red Wine/Bacardi! Your choice. Mixers for free too.

How cool is that? Ehh geddit or not?

5 ladies come in together and get a free bottle. Just like that! FREE! NO CHARGE!

So guess where was I on Saturday night?

Btw, this promotion only applies to Friday and Saturday nights. But still cool.

We managed to gather a group of 10 women to go together on Saturday night - so we got an Absolut Vodka...

plus a bottle of red wine..

Free drinks people. Free mixers too. Paid for nothing the whole damn night. Being a girl so rocks. More than half of the pub was filled with ladies only. Only a small majority of guys.

Oh yes, I am holding a bottle of Heineken here. Cs bought a bottle. And one of the guys who worked there gave cs a few bottles of Heineken for free.

Maybe cos cs knew the waiters there. Why would he know the waiters there? Cos we used to frequent Core quite a bit.

I think getting Vodka would be your best bet for the night. Cos Vodka lasts longer than red wine. And I don't like Bacardi.

Btw, I don't look that white in real life, do I? Cos it looks unhealthy! Its the flash right? Dammit. I need to soak up some more Vitamin D.

These photos were taken on 21/8, not 28/8. The last weekend. Not this.

Last night (this weekend- sounds quite confusing), the initial plan was to go to Core to get more free drinks (last Saturday before promo ended), but they changed plans to go to cs' house instead.

A group of them brought swimming trunks, and swimming boards to cs' and my future place (haha), along with lots of food!

For a last minute decision, I was amazed at how quickly everyone moved. I was having dinner with my family at d'Village at Rock Road when cs text-ed me to tell me the plan was to go to the new house to hang out. That was 830pm.

They arrived with plates and plates of sushi (tapaued from Akira sushi at Boulevard), peanuts, and even two boxes of pizzas! Why oh why did I have dinner in advance? Le sigh. Sushi and pizza galore. I didn't touch even one slice of sushi or pizza - God I am so proud of myself. This is a first for me ok.

So what did we do at home? After swimming, we went back to feast on food. Ok they feasted on food while I watched. Not in envy really cos I was still quite bloated from dinner. In the meantime, free flow of red wine, Macallan and a liquor belonging to ah ong (forgot the name). Also, played cards while the other half played Wii.

No photos cos I didn't bring my camera- didn't expect anything to happen last night. Regret. Turns out everyone left at about 2am. A totally unplanned and random but great night out! Or in! Ha.

The only photo I took of myself before heading out.

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