Sunday, 10 August 2008


Ok after the emoey post on "lonely", I shall attempt to be a cheery happy go lucky person like winnie told me to do. Not to be a sadist, a pessimist. Here goes..

Winnie and I at the beginning of the night. I know her face is blur but this is one of the more decent photos of me.

Like I said, the night started with no electricity. We arrived at the pub in total darkness. Most people wore white which is what we agreed on earlier. Theme of the night: Wear White! And punishment for those not wearing white: First to dance on the table. which btw did not work out too well cos I was first to go on the table being birthday girl and all that.

Because of no electricity, we tried to recognize each other by our white shirts. When we see some white thing or person flash by, we say: is that our friend? It was that dark everywhere. Which reminds me, Kuching is hit by some weird disease. Nearly everyone is sick. Voices all turn funny or sexy.

At 930pm electricity came on. Just in time. Everyone arrived slowly..the girls having trouble putting on make up with only candle lights. Haha. Winnie included. To summarize it all, around 20 people were present. Everyone danced crazy, shouted out to the music and the deejay.

Kitty and Steph

The music sucked at first. 80s music. Rock. But it got better after that thank God. Ah boon, nana, veronica took the lead and started dancing. Winnie said white group started everything last night. The drinks, the dance, photos and the table.

Byong and Mark.

Tried to pose but ended up looking so...fat and ugly and constipated. Shaveen beside me and ah Ping looking on in the background.

Know what they were shouting at? Me on the table. I haven't had enough to drink when they started clearing the table and pushing the drinks to one side. Then hands pushed me up the table.

Shaking that ass..

Half of the group leaving early.

Sweet guys bought me a chocolate cheesecake. They got the deejay to play a birthday song and announce to the whole pub that it was my birthday. Thanks guys. Twice he played the song actually. Once when we cut the cake and once more at midnight.

Shaveen and Tausif said the deejay was so hitting on me cos when he announced it was my birthday cos he also said oohh..she's so pretty. and something that sounds like who wants Amy's phone number, come to me...which only gave the crowd more reason to stare at me. Freaking embarrassing.

I had fun seriously with everyone. I know some guys went through a lot of trouble booking the tables that night. Thanks.

Winnie was asking whether I saw a friend of hers. I didn't. I didn't see a friend of mine who was supposed to come too. But Winnie said: everyone saw you last night and everyone knows its your birthday. The bartender, waiter and strangers came to wish me happy birthday. Thanks to the dee jay and friends who broadcast it last night.

We left not long later cos we got a phone call that cops were coming. We actually decided to go to eat the birthday cake but went instead to another pub. Most of us were exhausted. Ah boon was so...high...hyper...

He kissed the waitress. On the lips. They even danced together on the table. She is so going to be reprimanded by her manager. Haha..and i'm evil for laughing about this.

Ok post ending here. You can read Kitty's and Steph's blog for more details.

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