Sunday, 3 August 2008

My Saturday night

Its been a while since I took any photos and this is my most recent photo taken last night. I actually stole it from Steph's blog.

Last night I went out for dinner with some of dad's friends at a seafood restaurant in Pending area. Never been there before. Uncle Johny ordered "kachama". Its normally what women eat after they've given birth. It is supposedly very nutritious and has cooking wine in it. Sorry, no photos and i have no idea how to find it in google.

We were entertained during dinner by a pair of dogs. They were running around; the male trying to mount the female and she bit him trying to fend him off. When dogs mate, they actually get stuck together right? Ass to ass. For some time till the male's penis grow limp? haha. I tried to pull my dogs apart once while they were stuck together and they yelped in pain. Now I think of it, it's quite funny. hehe..

Back to those dogs, it was mildly entertaining since there was nothing to do except eat your food or watch daddy and his friends talk and drink their way down 2 bottles of Glenfiddich. =P

Winnie and I left early and went to Soho with Steph.


Winnie. They went dancing at the dance floor for a while. I didn't like it and came back to Ipanema while waiting for them. Which reminds me, while I was alone, a guy kept staring at me for quite some time. Trying to make eye contact. He finally came up to me and told me his friends bet him RM 100 that he didn't dare to come up to talk to me. wtf?! I congratulated him and said: So, give me half. He said 80 - 20. Ok. Better than nothing. Gimme 20 bucks. He smiled sheepishly and said how bout I buy you a drink instead? Which is my cue to walk away..saying "I have a boyfriend".

Non existent boyfriend, come to me please..

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