Sunday, 10 August 2008


I celebrated my birthday early this year. Tonight to be exact. Thanks very much to everyone who turned up. It was unexpected. I had loads of fun tonight and I am not drunk which is also quite unexpected. =P Only one guy threw up which is quite an accomplishment considering we opened 4 bottles of Black Label.

Photos and full update tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm reminiscing about last year's birthday party. Mostly, its reminiscing someone who isn't in my life anymore. I can't sleep even though I drank a lot of whiskey coke. Sigh.

I forgot to make a wish on my birthday cake.

I am a human being with feelings. I have a lot of mixed up feelings right now. Feelings I shouldn't be having. I am allowed a little time to reminisce on my blog. Give me some time.

I lie on my bed tonight. Closed my eyes and somehow the bed feels too big for me. Its so cold in the night without your warmth. Tossing and turning I give up and come to online.

I was surrounded by so many people the whole night. I did what I was supposed to do. I laughed, I danced, I joked, I drank and I am so lonely.

I am always surrounded by guys when I go out and whenever I am left alone but it makes me lonelier than ever.

Please, leave me alone!

Life goes on.

I will be fine tomorrow.

Give me time.

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Anonymous said...

its so depressing reading ur blog. even on ur "bday post" liven things up a bit larrr...

btw. this winnie. lazy log in. so i'll js use anonymous.