Saturday, 23 August 2008


I'm tired.

At least its Saturday today. No need to set alarm clock, no need to do anything but laze around. I now know why he used to sleep every Saturday afternoon and why he always moans that Saturdays pass by too damn fast. Cos every Mon-Fri is a goddamn routine it sux!

Period coming. I can feel it. Pimple go away.

Last night after work, I rushed home to shower, change, had dinner, apply make up and go to VA with mum, winnie and their friends. A pretty big group last night. A lot of people turned up.

Met up with Soho girl last night. I call her Soho girl cos I forgot her chinese name. I'm lousy at remembering chinese names. Haha. She's cute and a great dancer and single too if I'm not mistaken. You know, Kuching is so small that I realized some guys who don't remember my name also calls me London girl. wtf. I didn't tell them I went to London. But the DJ at VA knows I went to London and he announced it on the dance floor once when he played a song, he shouted out: Amy, How was London?? Btw, I think the DJ is quite fond of winnie.

Blur photo taken with my very old, very outdated W800i. I need a new phone!!

Again, I need a new phone..too bad salary too little it's going to take me a long time to save up for a phone. Sux. I need a new phone. My phone is going crazy on me.

On Thursday evening after work, I went to another job interview with the most unlikely people; my 4 other female colleagues. Hehe.. Saw the advertisement in the papers and brought our CV's to work. Good luck to us all. I wonder if any of us would get through. Sigh. Job hunting sucks.

I seem to be complaining a lot in this post.

So on a happier note I lost weight. But its cos I was so sick the past week. The doctor told me I have asthma. Cos i've been coughing too long (ever since I reached Kuching) and my lung is so weak and he gave me some 6 types of cough and lung medicine to take.

Recovering now. Back to normal already..

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