Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei won silver

The long awaited match we've all been waiting for. Lin Dan won over Lee Chong Wei in 2 matches only. Malaysians all around the nation must be so disappointed. It really wasn't Lee's day.

Lin Dan really did put up a good match. He was much faster in recovering himself than Lee. I don't understand why Lin Dan had to change the shuttlecock after every single point he won! And the Chinese crowd really didn't help Lee in calming down just gives him more pressure man..I wish they'd shut the hell up and let Lee concentrate on the game.

Korea won badminton mixed doubles, Indonesia second and China took third place. And for the badminton men's singles, Chen Jin won 3rd place. Name spellings must be all wrong but I don't care.


Better luck next time Lee Chung Wei. Malaysians still support you.


Wending Tang said...

You wouldn't be disappointed if you were Chinese. Hahahaha....

Amy said...

=P I still don't like Lin Dan. Hahahaha..