Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Argentina - Brazil futsal game. Photo stolen off Wikipedia.

I went to play futsal just now with Winnie, Kitty, Steph, Cas and some 4 more girls. Lazy to mention names. There were 10 of us. Futsal is like football except in an indoor court. 5 players on each team. I haven't played football since i can't remember when.. I think we were the only girls there. Most of them were all guys playing serious futsal.

Futsal game between Italy and Spain. Photo stolen off Wikipedia.

It was so damn fun. 9 girls and one guy. Kelvin Ting was his name. We had fun running around chasing the ball, kicking and shouting while getting in some serious exercise at the same time. I sweated so much man. Hope my legs don't ache tomorrow okie.

Kitty tried to score 5 times but failed cos Winnie was awesome at being goal keeper for our team. By using her body parts. Haha. I fell down twice. Once I dragged Kitty to the floor. Second time Clarrisa was falling and dragged me down with her. It was great!!

Next time I'll say yes to futsal again. In the beginning, I was like, Kitty, seriously if I just stand and stare at the ball, don't scold me okay. I can't run after the ball. I've never played futsal before.

But somehow when the game started we all ran after the ball, pushing each other out of the way and just having fun.

Go Futsal!!

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