Thursday, 14 August 2008

13 August 2008

Warning: Photos Overload

I've talked too much about my birthday I know. And I should be so lucky that I have great friends and family who do care about me. Many thanks to the phone calls, texts, emails, and messages in friendster and facebook! Thanks!

So this shall be the last post about my very long birthday. Haha. Bear with me okay. As most people probably know, I love Pizza but I didn't get to eat it for my birthday. Cos unfortunately my family don't share the same love. Haha.. So, we went to a chinese restaurant for seafood last night.

Daddy's girl for the night. =)

First came the Shark fin soup with crabmeat. It was deliciously thick and tastes really rich. Or maybe I was starving by then cos we had dinner at nearly 9pm. Why? Cos we couldn't decide where to eat. Nobody wanted to go where I want to go. I thought it was my bday, my choice? Haha.. not complaining anyway. Dinner was great!

Next dish was kuay tiaw and fried noodles in a creamy egg soup base. The noodles were really special cos they were deep fried into this round shape and tasted like keropok. Not like the normal tomato kuay tiaw type noodles. This was quite special.

Washed it down with some alcohol. Oh and Elaine joined us for dinner as well. She's really becoming part of the family. =)

Dad's Macallan whiskey of 18 yrs. For some reason, whenever we order fish outside its always steamed. Not deep fried, baked, or grilled.

The roast duck here cannot compare to Four Seasons duck back in London. Its not as tender and doesn't taste as good. Not nice. Next..

Kevin imitating Stifler's mom. Anyone watched American Pie? =)

Butter Prawn tastes normal. Like any other restaurant.

What I liked was the crab. Fried crab with salty egg. I've never tried this before and it was quite unique.

Damn nice. =)

Kevin enjoying the crab.

Winnie is the only one in our family who doesn't like fish or crab. And she don't eat prawn unless it is de-shelled. So, here she camwhored while we ate:

Random photo of dad posing for the camera. Haha..

Me being vain. Come on la, long time I didn't dress up ok. Its my birthday, reason enough to cam whore. =)

Met up with Kitty, Steph, Mark, Jee Song, Byung Yong later in the night.

Byung, Mark and Kitty.

Jee Song

Steph and Winnie. Oh yea, I received flowers! From a guy! Guess who? I love flowers!!

12 roses mean.......Happy Birthday? Hahahahaha...

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