Thursday, 14 August 2008

It's a small world

Kuching must be really small or its just too much of a coincidence. My very sweet colleagues bought me cake at the office yesterday. Camwhored a lot when boss went out. I'm really lazy to update so we'll just let the photos do the talking okie. =)

It was much better to buy different flavor slices than one whole cake. Cheaper too. =P

Self timer photo turned out a bit silly..haha

Adeline and I

Girls will always camwhore. Top: Adeline, Alice, Amy. Below: Doris and Sonnia.

The leftovers.

Boss paid for the cakes but we didn't wait for him to come back to eat. Just took one slice out (the most unappetizing one) to leave for him. The girls don't like him much. Lol. We had fun before he came back which means its time to resume our dull, boring work day. Back to work. Wish I could say why work sucks so much here but I can't.

Thanks girls..

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