Thursday, 7 August 2008

Don't lose contact

I was talking to an ex high school mate just now and we were saying how we lost contact with everyone else. Keeping in touch with old friends can't be hard now with all the technology.

In fact, the only reason for not keeping in touch is because they don't have msn, friendster, facebook, or emails.

Some people are great at keeping in touch. I'm not one of them. I think most people wait for the other person to make the first move. Pretty soon, week after week passes, then years pass and you still haven't kept in touch. Then you forget each other. Life goes on for both of you.

Found this photo taken ages ago at Westminster. Nifer and Wending.

I have one best friend since F1 - F5 and we've lost contact cos i don't have her msn. Can't find her in friendster or facebook. But when we met in Coffee Bean, Kuching 2 years ago we both exclaimed: Amy!! LC!! What's your phone number? What are you doing now? etc etc... but even though we exchanged numbers neither of us called or texted. Life goes on and 2 years passed by already. *snap* just like that!

Crazy girls bought the expensive Mickey Mouse hat we're never going to wear again. =P Photo taken at Disneyland Paris.

At least I know one way of keeping in touch with you guys who are reading my blog. OI! Set up a blog also so I can keep in touch with you people. Shirley, Nifer, Wending!! Or leave me a comment larr.. Lazy people like Shirley don't update her friendster since last last year. Haha..

Don't lose contact.

P/S: My birthday coming up. Presents??!! Hahahahaa...

Amy the bitch signing off,

Hahaha...I shall remind you all its my birthday!! Presents even though you're far far away.

Bank in my Lloyds bank account!

Btw, For those of you who are bored, read this blog. She's THE BITCH but she's so entertaining, I keep going back.

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