Saturday, 29 June 2013

There's no place like home

I am back from holiday. I'm tired. Felt like a week is too long. Maybe cos its just in Penang and Thailand. If it was Europe, different story. Heheh.

We spend the past 3 days in Penang eating a lot of char kuay tiaw, assam laksa, kueh chap, bak kut teh and so on and so forth. 

I also spent the first four days on the ship (cruise) eating waaaaayyy too much. Nothing to do? Eat! That was Cs' motto. I hardly eat supper past 9 pm at home, but the past week, it seems that I ate SO MUCH FOOD especially at night, and even till 1am.

I know I know. Nobody forced it down my throat but with everyone else eating, I can hardly sit out and decline everything. Hahahha my very kind friends Nifer, her hubby Tomato and Wai Tjun fed us so much food. Plus the cruise food.

I'm missing cup noodles. I had that for dinner earlier. So comforting. :D

Ok update more tomorrow.

I'm tired.

Chose a random photo just so this post won't be photo-less.

OK I'm tired.

Btw that photo was from a colleague's wedding dinner months ago. :) Spot me. Those are all my colleagues on the same table. 


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Updates x123456

I want to update my blog but don't know what to talk about.

I shall just write whatever pops into my mind (not the best idea).

The Voice winner is Danielle Bradberry btw. Blake wins again. She's the youngest winner ever. Love her, she's kinda awesome.

We have haze in Malaysia again. Every day it is stuffy, humid, and SO HOT. We hide in air con rooms every day. When you go out, you can smell smoke in the air. At least we are better than Singapore or Johor.

I saw this very apt photo the other day. Wait I go find. Found it:

Hahahha it is kinda apt.

I'm drinking herbal tea cos everyone else is sick at one point or another, including me. I had cup noodles for dinner last night and this morning cos I just can't be bothered to cook. Its way too hot for that. I go to the supermarket and look longingly at the ice-cream. Didn't buy. I'm online everyday so this one not counted. I'm watching the Voice instead of other dramas. And lastly, I have a husband to accompany me. Hahah

Thing is, we quarrel more often only cos its too hot! He's outside working, driving around, enduring the jams, carrying boxes of stuff in this heat, and I'm in an ice box. But point is, he is much more irritable these days (don't blame him), and when we get home, I don't want to cook cos its TOO HOT! Hahah. Not funny but I'm used to the "hahahh" get used to it.

Moving on. 

Love Cs' new phone - S4. Takes awesome photos. No need to edit. So unlike my iphone. Boo sama dia. Imma change my phone as soon as my contract ends. :D Which is soon in Aug. I got my iphone 4 as a birthday present from him. 

These photos were from a family dinner last last week? There's another family dinner tonight. We be going to Peter's Special. I predict there will be lamb chops tonight and alcohol. Lamb cos its a specialty of Peter's. One of it anyway. It is good.

I thought husband and wife would have these "fu chi xiang" over time. Erm facial similarities. But we look nothing alike. Come to think of it, mum and dad look nothing alike too. Zzz..what you talking about mi?

I'm bored please. And I can't think of anything to talk about. 

Oh ya. Mum and Winnie came back from the cruise already. I asked hundreds of questions as usual. I'm that type. Gotta have all the information before going somewhere. But a part of me feels like "so no more surprise?" No lah I won't. I would much rather not be surprised than to get scammed or cheated. Meh.

Speaking of, you know I plan so much for Japan. But that day when we arrived at the airport, I still felt a little lost. Well, not lost so much, but its the foreign-ess of the place. No English and cannot read Chinese characters. But being a stranger/foreigner there, there's a sense of anonymity, which thickens my skin like nothing else.

So, 5 mins later, I am my usual controlling self. Hahahah asking questions in broken Japanese and English it seems. But oh well, we survived anyway! :D

OK bye. Update more next time.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cherry Blossoms Overload

OK cannot put this off any longer. I have to get on with my Japan post!
My initial plan was to visit as many parks as I can during my stay in Japan. To see all the cherry blossoms. But because the cherry blossoms decide to bloom early (earliest in 10 years apparently), we cut out most of the parks in our plan.

Good too cos we had more time to do other things. The weeks before our trip, I kept checking Japan Guide for information and cursing at the same time, then finding out alternative routes we could go to check out cherry blossoms. I also liked reading the forum and seeing the other tourists who like me, are going too late to see cherry blossoms. Misery loves company! Haha. 

Shinjuku Gyoen. 

Have to buy ticket to get into the park at the machine. Forgot how much it costs. But not expensive. :) Was it Y500?

As soon as we got into the park, we (and all the other tourists and locals too) started taking photos of all the cherry blossoms.

Err yeah and other flowers too.

It seems like everyone is carrying a camera. And our S90 is easily one of the more "less high tech ones". Hehe.

Fallen petals. So pretty kan?

My profile pic. Hehe lucky shot turned out not bad. 

Quite a lot of people sketching/drawing. 

So I did my own version too with my ipad. Hahaa it was a bad idea btw. I had no mat. I sat down on a piece of paper (a map btw) and it was err smaller than my ass. So all the petals and dirt stuck to my stockings and skirt. Real smooth mi. 

This was on a weekday but there were still quite a number of people having picnic in the park. So nice. If I live in Japan, I would do that too. Such a nice feeling.

Everyone was all smiles, happily taking photos, eating and drinking in the park. Awesome view and weather. 


OK I gotta go. I have to go do my nails. My "holiday" nails as I like to call them. Have you noticed that I always do my nails when I go on holiday? Heheh. 

Ok bye. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

In anticipation of next Sunday

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking of mum, Winnie, Janet and Angela. What are you guys doing? Its Sunday 2:13 pm. They should be waiting for check-in for boarding or on the cruise already.

Tomorrow they will be in Krabi. The day after they will be in Phuket. If you can't tell yet, I wanna go tooo.

Actually I will be. Next Sunday to be exact. Hahah.

That's why I'm so keen to know exactly what they are doing now.

We are going on Star Cruise Libra from Penang - Phuket - Krabi. Then staying in Penang to eat all the char kueh tiaw, Penang laksa, Penang prawn mee, and so on and so forth. Can't wait. Its been so longgg. Or so it seems.

Unrelated news but Lee Chong Wei (LCW) is playing now versus some guy from Germany. Sorry I don't know the name. Indonesia Open. I have learned that I cannot talk to Cs while LCW is playing.

I'm not really looking forward to the cruise; just more looking forward to go on a holiday. I'm scared I would get sea sick. Either Cs or me. So I'm praying for good weather so I won't have to get dizzy.

The last two times I went on a cruise, I did get dizzy. Not all the time. But it comes and goes, and I can't even walk straight sometimes. But that was in winter. Super bad weather. From Newcastle to Amsterdam. The other cruise was from Newcastle to Stavanger, Norway in summer.

Both cruises operated by DFDS Seaways. 

All touristy shots. I miss my jacket. When am I gonna wear you again bao bei? You kept me warm and snug for so long.. 

Hahah I'm bored. LCW is still playing. Woe is me. Oh wait. He won!! 

OK that means I'm free to go too. This photo was taken end of July. Hence no winter jacket.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Rabbit Food

My Monday Night

5pm: Finished work and headed over to Merdeka Plaza for Mcd. I was craving nuggets cos of my dream last night. In my dream, I went to Mcd with RM 5 in my pocket and ordered nuggets. The nuggets came to RM5.20 so I was down 20 cents. I looked at the girl next to me and asked for 20 cents and said I'll pay her back.

I had to run home to get 20 cents to pay her back at Mcd. All that for some Mc Nuggets. I didn't even get to eat them yet and I woke up. Hahha. Alarm rang. Boo. 

Coincidentally Cs dreamed of food too last night and this morning we were exchanging food dreams. Heheh.

Anyway. Yeah that's why we went to Merdeka Plaza and then walk around and ended up at Everrise to buy the week's groceries. For some reason, we always end up buying groceries on Monday night. Hmm..

Came back home and I decided that we should go visit the pool. 

It's been ages since we had a night swim. 

It rained earlier this afternoon but the water was perfect. Not too cold and not much people around. There were a group of people sitting there staring at people swimming. Weird. Fully clothed sitting beside the pool watching, and not talking. Turned out they were waiting for their friends to arrive. So they can all stare together. Hahaha.

We stayed for about an hour. 7 pm to 8 pm. 

I feel like having a BBQ here some day again soon.

OK moving on. 

We went back home to shower. Cs washed his towel so I told him to wait in the toilet while I go fetch him his towel.

But I forgot about him. =.=

I went to dry myself, put on toner, moisturizer, smoothed lotion on my arms and legs, put on clothes, and started blow drying my hair.

Half way through, I realized someone was shouting something at me. Hmm.. what could it be? Then it hit me: OH SHIT!! I left him standing dripping wet in the toilet waiting for his towel. HAHAH. Stupid.

We had a good laugh over that one.

Came downstairs and started making tomorrow's lunch. Nothing much really. I just cut up a cucumber, leftover celery sticks, and a carrot.

Washed them all and stack them neatly in the fridge. I made enough for 2 days. Would probably have to force feed Cs to finish this though. :) Haha he likes the carrots, but the celery and cucumber, I have to force him.

Added an egg for protein and to fill my tummy up more. This is my lunch tomorrow btw. Nobody can say I don't eat enough vegetables. Hahahha.

I made a dip to go with it. "Made" doesn't seem to cut it though. All I did was buy a packet of McCormick's  french onion dip and a tub of plain fat free yogurt. 

Mix them both together. Not all of the french onion dip please, just a little. Taste as you go. 

Before you scoff at me or sneer, I actually like this ok.

I love having them with raw vegetables or with chips. I don't have them with nachos la but I serve them during CNY for other people. Make other people fat. Hahah kidding please. 

Besides not everyone is a freak like me. Not everyone likes my rabbit food. :)

OK bye.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

I have a confession

I'm desperately trying to stay positive. To feel blessed. To not be irritated. But I'm trying so hard.

I have no idea why I'm feeling so restless.

I want a change. I said that weeks ago. This "phase" that I'm going through: I have no idea what brought it on.

I'm eating normally, and not drinking too much. Promise.

In the beginning, I blamed it on my hormones. Bloody period (overused pun) when are you coming? Late by two weeks (TMI?) is enough to make my hormones and temper go crazy. 

Then when that time of the month passed, now I wonder, what is it then?

Cs has already mentioned it to me oh-so-casually (twice): you're quite cibai ho? And another time: chiang hua hen pu bo ho?

Erm yeah. Thing is, I know it! There are times when I feel so ashamed (cos I'm a fucking lucky bitch already!), and I apologize to him very sincerely, and make an effort to be a loving wife again.

I'm sorry baby. 

Ok enough of that.

I wrote a post last month I think when I was feeling very loved by him. Wait I go search for it.


After we got married, there are two questions people tend to ask you:

How is married life, and are you pregnant yet?

Forget question 2 for now.

Focus on question one. In the beginning, I always answer: its the same or just ok lah. I sound unsure and stupid. Its cos its too soon to have an answer. Don't ask me that in a week or two. Its too soon.

They say the first year is the hardest. Well, I agree. In the first year, we were getting used to being married. The commitments. No mentions about "divorce". We are in this together. We will grow old together. We learn to give each other space. We learn to live together, and we learn new things about each other. Still. After so many years, you would have thought there is nothing new about each other already.

It has been one year plus now. Almost two years.

Touch wood. (Superstitious me).

But I feel like I can answer question one properly now.

I love married life!

I love knowing that there's someone who will always have your back, who will always be with you through thick or thin, through sickness and in health, through good or bad.

I don't know how to put it, but after a year of being together 24/7, I feel as if we have grown. Even more. As a couple. As a married couple.

He puts up with my hot/bad temper, my impatience, and I put up with his careless-ness, absent minded-ness.  And erm what else? I can't think anything bad about him. Hahahh this sounds super unbelievable, I know.

But its true. I feel like I have the perfect guy.

I had such a bad day today. Nothing is going my way. My right arm hurts (sprained it about a week already but I'm lazy to go into details), which caused my right shoulder and neck to hurt, and my period is not here, hence my mood swings (or so I like to blame), and my right side hurts on and off (no idea why), and I feel restless cos of work. Point is bad day, so no use repeating.

But Cs came to pick me up from work, whisked me off to dinner and happy hour drinks to cheer me up. I curled up around him and it just occurred to me: I love being with him. He lets me sit there, moody and angry (at nothing it seems), and just tries to make me smile again.

Thing is, I know that my behavior has been really bad this week in particular. Sorry but I blame period again. I even whatsapp-ed him at work today and apologized (out of the blue) cos I know I'm wrong. I said I don't know why myself. I try to cheer myself up, I listen to music, but the slightest thing irritates the hell out of me. Sorry baby.

Yeah, point is. Where was I?


Yeah apparently this is more proof of my bad attitude. Heh.

Good thing is, I snap out of it pretty quickly. It comes and goes. Music cheers me up so I'm almost always listening to music all the time now. :)

I'm now listening to Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (Jayesslee cover).

Happy times.

<3 p="">

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Road Not Taken

Found this in my Drafts as well.


This morning, I went downstairs to the deli to buy myself a bottle of chocolate milk for breakfast. As I step out of the elevator, I felt like I am in a different place. Chinese New Year Songs blaring, people walking about, workers chit chatting so at ease. I even felt like I was in a different continent, almost different world. This is because I am wearing my jacket, and turtleneck. Others probably think in this weather: siao one. But in truth. It was such a difference. I feel trapped. Well not really. I chose this path myself. But this cold, freezing library that I am in feels so so different from the real world. I have spent 2 years in this library and I still cannot stop myself from feeling this way. I think it is time for a change. And soon I hope. I write this here to serve as a reminder for myself. Not as a complaint. Still, to post or not.


6 Cheese Pizza

Opened my Drafts folder and found several posts inside to fill up my blog. Hehe. Its Gawai holidays. Gimme a break. I'm busy enjoying myself to the fullest. Hahha. This is the first time I sat down in front of my laptop. Ahem. 

I just got back from Santubong with my in-laws today. This afternoon. It is also the first trip that I have slept before 12 am. Shocker. Ask any other Kuching peeps please, who sleeps before 12 at Damai? Hahah..its different. Everyone cooing over Nathan. Not a bad thing. Cutie pie makes me wanna get pregnant. :X Actually looking at Xiaxue's baby Dashiel makes me wanna get cracking- make babies too.

I have lost count of the number of times I used it as an excuse. Heheh. Me and him both. :)

Too much information? Moving on moving on.

I wrote this post to enter into a competition like years ago. :X 


Actually the pizza kinda sucked. Yeah coming from me, the hardcore fan. Know that I speak the truth! Its out fault too. We chose the plain 6 cheese pizza only with no other toppings, which means that it just tasted of cheese. Full stop. 

I think that's why I didn't bother entering the competition.

We both look so different then and now. It also shows how long this has been sitting in my Drafts folder. Ahem.

OK yeah I updated my blog. 

Laters baby.