Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cherry Blossoms Overload

OK cannot put this off any longer. I have to get on with my Japan post!
My initial plan was to visit as many parks as I can during my stay in Japan. To see all the cherry blossoms. But because the cherry blossoms decide to bloom early (earliest in 10 years apparently), we cut out most of the parks in our plan.

Good too cos we had more time to do other things. The weeks before our trip, I kept checking Japan Guide for information and cursing at the same time, then finding out alternative routes we could go to check out cherry blossoms. I also liked reading the forum and seeing the other tourists who like me, are going too late to see cherry blossoms. Misery loves company! Haha. 

Shinjuku Gyoen. 

Have to buy ticket to get into the park at the machine. Forgot how much it costs. But not expensive. :) Was it Y500?

As soon as we got into the park, we (and all the other tourists and locals too) started taking photos of all the cherry blossoms.

Err yeah and other flowers too.

It seems like everyone is carrying a camera. And our S90 is easily one of the more "less high tech ones". Hehe.

Fallen petals. So pretty kan?

My profile pic. Hehe lucky shot turned out not bad. 

Quite a lot of people sketching/drawing. 

So I did my own version too with my ipad. Hahaa it was a bad idea btw. I had no mat. I sat down on a piece of paper (a map btw) and it was err smaller than my ass. So all the petals and dirt stuck to my stockings and skirt. Real smooth mi. 

This was on a weekday but there were still quite a number of people having picnic in the park. So nice. If I live in Japan, I would do that too. Such a nice feeling.

Everyone was all smiles, happily taking photos, eating and drinking in the park. Awesome view and weather. 


OK I gotta go. I have to go do my nails. My "holiday" nails as I like to call them. Have you noticed that I always do my nails when I go on holiday? Heheh. 

Ok bye. 

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