Saturday, 22 June 2013

Updates x123456

I want to update my blog but don't know what to talk about.

I shall just write whatever pops into my mind (not the best idea).

The Voice winner is Danielle Bradberry btw. Blake wins again. She's the youngest winner ever. Love her, she's kinda awesome.

We have haze in Malaysia again. Every day it is stuffy, humid, and SO HOT. We hide in air con rooms every day. When you go out, you can smell smoke in the air. At least we are better than Singapore or Johor.

I saw this very apt photo the other day. Wait I go find. Found it:

Hahahha it is kinda apt.

I'm drinking herbal tea cos everyone else is sick at one point or another, including me. I had cup noodles for dinner last night and this morning cos I just can't be bothered to cook. Its way too hot for that. I go to the supermarket and look longingly at the ice-cream. Didn't buy. I'm online everyday so this one not counted. I'm watching the Voice instead of other dramas. And lastly, I have a husband to accompany me. Hahah

Thing is, we quarrel more often only cos its too hot! He's outside working, driving around, enduring the jams, carrying boxes of stuff in this heat, and I'm in an ice box. But point is, he is much more irritable these days (don't blame him), and when we get home, I don't want to cook cos its TOO HOT! Hahah. Not funny but I'm used to the "hahahh" get used to it.

Moving on. 

Love Cs' new phone - S4. Takes awesome photos. No need to edit. So unlike my iphone. Boo sama dia. Imma change my phone as soon as my contract ends. :D Which is soon in Aug. I got my iphone 4 as a birthday present from him. 

These photos were from a family dinner last last week? There's another family dinner tonight. We be going to Peter's Special. I predict there will be lamb chops tonight and alcohol. Lamb cos its a specialty of Peter's. One of it anyway. It is good.

I thought husband and wife would have these "fu chi xiang" over time. Erm facial similarities. But we look nothing alike. Come to think of it, mum and dad look nothing alike too. Zzz..what you talking about mi?

I'm bored please. And I can't think of anything to talk about. 

Oh ya. Mum and Winnie came back from the cruise already. I asked hundreds of questions as usual. I'm that type. Gotta have all the information before going somewhere. But a part of me feels like "so no more surprise?" No lah I won't. I would much rather not be surprised than to get scammed or cheated. Meh.

Speaking of, you know I plan so much for Japan. But that day when we arrived at the airport, I still felt a little lost. Well, not lost so much, but its the foreign-ess of the place. No English and cannot read Chinese characters. But being a stranger/foreigner there, there's a sense of anonymity, which thickens my skin like nothing else.

So, 5 mins later, I am my usual controlling self. Hahahah asking questions in broken Japanese and English it seems. But oh well, we survived anyway! :D

OK bye. Update more next time.

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