Saturday, 29 June 2013

There's no place like home

I am back from holiday. I'm tired. Felt like a week is too long. Maybe cos its just in Penang and Thailand. If it was Europe, different story. Heheh.

We spend the past 3 days in Penang eating a lot of char kuay tiaw, assam laksa, kueh chap, bak kut teh and so on and so forth. 

I also spent the first four days on the ship (cruise) eating waaaaayyy too much. Nothing to do? Eat! That was Cs' motto. I hardly eat supper past 9 pm at home, but the past week, it seems that I ate SO MUCH FOOD especially at night, and even till 1am.

I know I know. Nobody forced it down my throat but with everyone else eating, I can hardly sit out and decline everything. Hahahha my very kind friends Nifer, her hubby Tomato and Wai Tjun fed us so much food. Plus the cruise food.

I'm missing cup noodles. I had that for dinner earlier. So comforting. :D

Ok update more tomorrow.

I'm tired.

Chose a random photo just so this post won't be photo-less.

OK I'm tired.

Btw that photo was from a colleague's wedding dinner months ago. :) Spot me. Those are all my colleagues on the same table. 


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