Monday, 10 June 2013

Rabbit Food

My Monday Night

5pm: Finished work and headed over to Merdeka Plaza for Mcd. I was craving nuggets cos of my dream last night. In my dream, I went to Mcd with RM 5 in my pocket and ordered nuggets. The nuggets came to RM5.20 so I was down 20 cents. I looked at the girl next to me and asked for 20 cents and said I'll pay her back.

I had to run home to get 20 cents to pay her back at Mcd. All that for some Mc Nuggets. I didn't even get to eat them yet and I woke up. Hahha. Alarm rang. Boo. 

Coincidentally Cs dreamed of food too last night and this morning we were exchanging food dreams. Heheh.

Anyway. Yeah that's why we went to Merdeka Plaza and then walk around and ended up at Everrise to buy the week's groceries. For some reason, we always end up buying groceries on Monday night. Hmm..

Came back home and I decided that we should go visit the pool. 

It's been ages since we had a night swim. 

It rained earlier this afternoon but the water was perfect. Not too cold and not much people around. There were a group of people sitting there staring at people swimming. Weird. Fully clothed sitting beside the pool watching, and not talking. Turned out they were waiting for their friends to arrive. So they can all stare together. Hahaha.

We stayed for about an hour. 7 pm to 8 pm. 

I feel like having a BBQ here some day again soon.

OK moving on. 

We went back home to shower. Cs washed his towel so I told him to wait in the toilet while I go fetch him his towel.

But I forgot about him. =.=

I went to dry myself, put on toner, moisturizer, smoothed lotion on my arms and legs, put on clothes, and started blow drying my hair.

Half way through, I realized someone was shouting something at me. Hmm.. what could it be? Then it hit me: OH SHIT!! I left him standing dripping wet in the toilet waiting for his towel. HAHAH. Stupid.

We had a good laugh over that one.

Came downstairs and started making tomorrow's lunch. Nothing much really. I just cut up a cucumber, leftover celery sticks, and a carrot.

Washed them all and stack them neatly in the fridge. I made enough for 2 days. Would probably have to force feed Cs to finish this though. :) Haha he likes the carrots, but the celery and cucumber, I have to force him.

Added an egg for protein and to fill my tummy up more. This is my lunch tomorrow btw. Nobody can say I don't eat enough vegetables. Hahahha.

I made a dip to go with it. "Made" doesn't seem to cut it though. All I did was buy a packet of McCormick's  french onion dip and a tub of plain fat free yogurt. 

Mix them both together. Not all of the french onion dip please, just a little. Taste as you go. 

Before you scoff at me or sneer, I actually like this ok.

I love having them with raw vegetables or with chips. I don't have them with nachos la but I serve them during CNY for other people. Make other people fat. Hahah kidding please. 

Besides not everyone is a freak like me. Not everyone likes my rabbit food. :)

OK bye.

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Gougou said...

Hey your fridge is so clean.