Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Another sleepless night

My mum's friends have a routine for keeping in touch with each other. Even though they each have their family and husband to care for, they spare time once in a couple of months to get together for dinner and drinks pot luck style. Which means one person cooks or take away food for their little gathering which is at one of their houses.

Last Saturday I was at home for one of their gatherings. Aunty Shirley's fish pie was quite awesome.

Couldn't really take good photos since they were all sitting around the table and I didn't want to be rude. Anyway what matters was they all had good fun together eating, talking, drinking.

The pie was made up of mashed potatoes, fish, and some broccoli inside and baked in the oven. Obviously it took a lot more work than that but I didn't ask her how to make it. She also brought Macaroni and cheese.

Others brought coleslaw, fruit salad, chicken wings, mixed vegetables, yam rice, home made stuffed tomatoes. Dunno how to describe. Next.

Mum also made pizza her style. It was delicious. The toppings are covered by the layer of cheese winnie put on top. She really doesn't leave an inch uncovered in cheese. Haha. She is so precise when doing these things. Very slow but precise. Anyway, the toppings were chopped tomatoes, chicken, mushroom and onion cooked in a tomato based soup. Easy to make.

Talking about winnie, just now I saw her sorting out her school notes. Man she is so organized and meticulous. Her notes are all arranged to each subject in different couloured folders separated into with those colourful little stick it things. I don't know what. Never used them before. She actually enjoys punching holes by the side of her notes and sticking those little round things by the side of the hole. And she makes sure her notes or books are never dog eared by the side, unlike me. She's always telling me off for not using a book mark btw.

Some more, her handwriting are the same through out the whole damn file of the whole damn year. I mean come on. When you get stressed or tired surely your notes and handwriting gets messed up. But not Winnie's. And it freaked me out. And I thought I was organized? Hahaha...winnie actually laughed when she heard me say that. Biatch..

Me? I throw all my notes into one file. When its full, I buy another file. And before each class, I rummage through my file for last class's notes. When people want to borrow my notes (hey that's true ler. People still borrow mine even though I'm messy and disorganized) I rummage through my notes while they wait. So, i'm not that bad! Btw, my idea of organized was thinking: I wrote down the class name and date. That's enough right?

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