Monday, 16 August 2010

My 26th birthday

Another year has gone by. I am now one year older, one year hotter err yea and one year wiser. Heh heh.

I am 26. Physically, I feel no difference from 21 which is why I have been telling my colleagues who asked that I am still 21. Ya shameless. Can't help it.

Seriously though. Of course I have changed! When I was 21,22,23 the birthday party location was obviously: in the club!! Quite easy to plan a birthday party then. Send out a mass email asking everyone to put on their dancing shoes. Go home only when the tube reopens wtf.

Now, I want different things. I don't want to go to a club, and get drunk..I don't want to be fed lots of flaming drinks, tequilas, whiskey, vodka and god knows what. I don't want to spend the next day hangover - which lasts the whole damned day. I don't want to have no mood to go out and do simple things: go to the bf's house, eat dinner with my family, play with Cherrie.

When I drink, I want to enjoy the drink. Drinking itself without getting wasted. I sound old.

I want simple things now. I seem hopelessly content. Settled. Ma-chee bye. I sound and feel damn housewifey now.

Back to topic. So that is why I told cs, let's have a party at home! In our new house. By the pool at the club house first! Very casual, relaxing and laid back event. No huss no fuss!

To clarify, cs and I don't technically live there yet! We just spend all our free time there. We have practically finished cleaning and decluttering. Now we go to watch tv, swim, play wii, talk and eat each other. I mean talk and eat with each other. Heh heh. Just spending time together.

This introduction is getting pretty long. So without further ado, photos galore!

Friday night (13/08)

My mum and Eli made the pasta, fried rice, salad, fries, cocktail sausages, nuggets, pork chops, and fried chicken.

Cs' mum made the ngo hiam (minced meat and veg I think rolled in a dried bean curd cover. I think. Deep fry it. Voila. Ngo hiam in hokkien/teochew), mix vegetables, and calamari.

I made carrot and cucumber sticks. Made sounds weird. I cut up the carrot and cucumber sticks and bought dips. Ah boon brought some salmon sashimi.

Cs contributed Coke, Sprite, Red Wine, and Carlsberg. Winnie contributed Absolut Currant. Dad contributed Macallan.

This was at the club house. Basically if you're a resident there, you can use the facilities. We pay a maintenance fee every month - just like an apartment. :D

This is ah boon and his gf.

I love this photo. ♥

The pool looks beautiful here in the sunset. Nice.

The early birds ate first!

This photo turned out so dark dammit. It was taken within seconds of the above photo.

The mums-to-be: Wee lee and Nana.

The pool area was empty apart for us cos it was still quite a new housing area. Not much people have moved in yet - so its not crowded. Those who stay there are probably used to it by now.

Most families have children so they swim in the early evening at about 6 - 7pm. By 8-9 pm, its always cs and I left by the pool.

Jacuzzi was timer set and always off by about 8pm.. But that's ok cos I don't like jacuzzi anyway.

I love my camera ♥ cos it takes awesome photos in low light environment. Like so:

Cs in the pool below. I think I recognize his silhouette. Haha better be!

I stole the two photos below from Wee lee's FB profile.

The non-swimmers lazing by the pool..

We played some games. I lost all of them.. The first round, loser had to go up and dance/wiggle your ass around the pool with your arms out or holding the ice box cover.

The guys got an ice box cover- damn creative - to float on in the pool.

Then we got an empty Sprite bottle and filled it with water - we are so smart; the first round we filled it quite full with water so of course it sunk to the bottom. But being smart people, we didn't realize it yet.

We threw it far far away and counted to three then all of us swam/ran/rushed and pushed/pulled/clawed at each other to get that Sprite bottle! Which sank!

Well of course I lose lar! I can't even open my eyes underwater due to my contacts. Winnie too. Haha. But she was luckier than me - nearer to the bottle!

2nd round we got smarter; filled it half with water instead. So it semi floated still. Why are we so smart?! I still lose anyway. Dammit. You know, when you play games, you can tell a person's personality?

Who is the sporty one, who is more competitive, who is daring, and who cheats?

Well I am the one who claws/pulls other people down with me. If I were in Hogwarts, I would be put in Slytherin. Sorry I'm not proud of this - ok maybe a little cos I can't help it. My personality what. At least I'm honest about it! Hehe.

Group photo in the dark.

With flash!

Boon and gf plus Nicholas actually didn't bring their swim wear and left after dinner to go get it! Cs forgot to tell boon that it was a pool party. -_-

Nicholas knew it was a pool party but when he saw ah boon and gf dressed up in jeans and pretty dress with makeup, he left his swim wear in his car - at ah boon's house. He followed ah boon's car to our place cos he didn't know the way.

Anyway long story short they went back to get it. I'm getting more and more loso. Is this an aging thing?

Boon and gf again..

Wee lee and I.

After a quick shower, we moved the party back indoors. Where we tried to kick each others asses at Wii.

Winnie vs ah boon wrestling. I don't know who won. Ah boon I think..

Ryu and Nicholas vs the wall. Haha lame. Cs' idea.

Shooting birds' asses.

Alvin and wee lee, sorry how this photo turned out wtf. -_- I don't know what I was thinking. I was taking photos of the others playing Wii when i turned around and saw Alvin and WL sitting by the stairs (of all places) that's why I took this photo!

The bf and I.

Ong came by at about 11pm after work to join us..

Nana's baby bump very obvious in this photo already!

Winnie chose this Heineken cake:

Ehh I rotated the photo already before I posted it on blogspot but its still like that.. nvm la.

I put this photo in Facebook and commented that I don't even like Heineken.. It was meant as a joke everyone... :D Chill chill.

Thank you for the cakes! John bought the cheese cake - Thanks again! So rich and tasty!

And Thank you baby for everything...

Haha I like this photo of cs. His pose damn funny. Really looks like sniper the way he knelt there and put the gun on the sofa. If you can call it a sniper shooting turkey's asses. Hehe

This is what cs and I do in the evening. Trying to beat each others high score! Haha.

Wee lee who didn't manage to play any games at all that night..

Alvin looks so serious here..

I obviously don't know how to hold a gun! Haha.

Abrupt end to post! Getting too long and I am out of words..


cs said...

Happy 21 baby.. :)
love u

Amy said...

Aww..thx baby..
love u too :)