Monday, 23 August 2010

Once upon a time

Found some long ago photos. Random post with out dated photos - but I want to keep my blog alive! I resolve to blog more often! :D

Btw, jumbled up post- no time to check for grammar and spelling.

1) Cs and I, when we were still friends - back in 2006, I think. Haha I find this photo hilarious now..sitting so far apart for what?! I still can't believe it. Fast forward to 2010, we are now buying house furniture together..

..and we will only sit so far apart again when taking photos when...we are quarrelling/fighting!

2) Winnie looks good here while I look...stupid/retarded. This photo was taken at home then (old house) before VA. Looks like it, from our outfits.

3) Winnie and I did this at the dinner table on New Year's Eve at Hilton with a bunch of the parent's friends. Hehe.

4)Looking back now, why ar? What were we drinking? I think we were just bored -nothing to do except take lots of photos of ourselves. And ran out of poses while sitting down, hence.

5) Once upon a Amsterdam.

6) I felt so carefree and so young back then..This was taken at Stratford upon Avon -on a school trip! I think this was the only organized school trip that I participated in. (I mean with lecturers some more) That I went with schoolmates. For free!

Looking back now, I should have joined in more outings! And not work so hard (as in McD)- working too many hours. But then again, it was necessary at that time. No work, no $$ to go shopping. London is a bitch. London is not for students. If you are serious about studying, go stay in Sunderland, Newcastle, anywhere besides London.

Simply cos there are too many distractions in London. Its a place to go for fun! To go clubbing! Do touristy stuff..sightseeing. Go shopping till you drop! Not studying. Hehe. Some more accommodation and travel expenses are soo expensive. Not working in London is not an option for students- like me la. There are some people freaking rich - can afford to buy so many LV's and Gucci's..

It was such a wonderful day out. Paid for nothing some more. Wait. Maybe I did pay 5 pounds for the bus ride and oh yea food. But still worth it. Beautiful day out, great company, enjoyable day!

7) I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the butterflies. Ha. We didn't even go in to the butterfly farm just sounds boring! Also, what if the butterflies shit on you and we come out covered in droppings and smelly(I know this is not quite logical/possible la) or err rest on your body and refuse to fly off.

Oh well. I am still young at heart. :D

Looking at these photos, and writing this post makes me happier already.

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