Thursday, 11 June 2009

Come weekends

Thank God its Friday tomorrow!! Hopefully no need to work on Saturday! The weather is so freaking hot and humid in kuching that everyone is sick! Or on the way to sick. Or just recovering. This sucks. Especially since we are all stuck all the way in 9th floor. No windows open. Air con on full blast. Virus transmitting everywhere. Speaking of this, just read the news that WHO declared swine flu a pandemic. Finally. Hong Kong shut down all primary schools for two weeks, and Australia's figures are still rising.

But people are still traveling to go on vacations. I wonder is it cos the death toll isn't as high as say, SARS? Hmm..


I just came back from watching cs playing badminton with his group of friends. Yes, watching. Why? Cos they are too good, and I'm too embarrassed to join in. Cos I have period. 2nd day. Cos my back still hurts. But truth be told, the first reason dominates.

Grr...thank God its Friday tomoro again! Only have to endure one more day of squinting at the computer screen, at the too tiny words, and attempt to force my brain, which is wandering outside Tun Jugah, to understand the report in front of me. 8 more hours to go. Countdown.

Oh shit. Do I have to work on Saturday?! Oh well. Saturdays are all right. Everyone is noisier, and more restless than usual. Me, I get through by thinking where to go for lunch by 1230pm. Most probably its McD. Close and cheap.


Just now, I decided to search for all my certificates. My SPM cert, my diploma, degree, masters certificate, transcripts, everything. I lost the entire file(s). I have no idea where I left my CV's, my photos, or my certs. I remember last year, I used them cos I landed this job. After that, no more interviews. SO where are they??? I also lost my current job's offer letter etc. Crap. I searched high and low. Everywhere I could think of. The only thing I recall was, I left them on the living room table for months. Then it was chinese new year. I brought them upstairs. Where? Or did I accidentally throw them out? Or leave them on the newspaper pile to recycle????

I asked Winnie. She said: let's go upstairs to look together. The first thing she did, was to open my grandma's closet (the only place I didn't search what the hell. its my grandma's closet!!!!!). She found all my certs. I asked her: why did u put all my stuff in there??

She said she didn't. Well, obviously someone did. You think my grandma stole all my certs just for the heck of it? So that she could watch while I searched for it? Sigh. Obviously eli kept it there, cos I'm guessing she can't stand it being on the living room table for months......

Sorry eli.

Thanks Winnie.


My absent minded ness will be the death of me one day......

I found this old photo:

Charlie's Angels the Simon family version.

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