Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good and bad

Today I had McD for lunch with cs. Why McD? Cos the weather was too hot to go anywhere else further. Cos McD is offering Big Mac, McChicken, Spicy Chicken, and Fillet Fish Medium Meals for only $5.50. Freaking cheap. Of course the place is crowded. Also, cs chose McD today cos he found a nice shady parking spot. So McD it is. After McD, walking back to Popular bookstore at Tun Jugah, he turned to me and said: I haven't bought you anything in a long time. Choose a book and I'll buy it for you. (to my delight!!)

I chose Eclipse (the 3rd of the Twilight trilogy) even though I hate hate hate Bella in the 2nd book. Winnie gave me a spoiler and said Bella died. Damn. I wanna know why Bella died, and how. SO, I gave in and got the book (I'm such a geek).

I read a book years ago, that a kid used to say out the good and bad things of his day every night to his mum. I like it. I shall plagiarize it today.

My good part today is written above.

The bad part: knowing I've disappointed people I love again. How do I please everyone?

Take me away..

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