Sunday, 28 June 2009

Core's Anniversary

We were invited to Core's anniversary last week. This is not good. Being invited to a club. Obviously this screams: regular customer!! Hardcore clubber. Alcoholic. Ahh..oh well. There are pros to this anyway.

The decorations inside the club.

We get free food. Fried noodles, fried rice, chicken, prawn, lamb etc. The typical free food. Typical. Why no sushi, pizza and cake? Hah. Normal chinese weddings serve the same typical food as well. Here, allow me to introduce you to chinese (Kuching) weddings since I am bored now. You must have a cold dish appetizer. Consisting normally of cold prawns, cold jellyfish, cold vegetarian, cold drunken chicken, cold sea cucumber. These vary depending on the price of each tables.

The soup is a customary second dish. The more expensive tables serve shark fin soup. Or else its either chicken with ginseng, or sea cucumber soup.

After that the rest are quite alike. Mixed vegetables, fried rice or noodles, chicken, lamb, fish. I think fish are a must at every weddings. I don't know what it means or represent. Then appetizer. Fried rice/noodles usually come at the end of the dinner cos I suppose they're for people who haven't had enough to eat. To fill up their stomach. Typical Asians must have rice as part of their meal. But most weddings don't serve rice.

**I always get sidetracked**

Back to topic.

Said free food. And also discount on drinks.

Black and white. This is the beginning of the night. When we just arrived. Note that everyone is still fresh and clean.

We also get a Party Pack each..

Which leads to....



and this.

and this.

Why the face baby? I forgot why everyone was pointing at him. Probably something he said. I had a good time that night. But it was a Thursday night. Work the next day. I didn't drink much, and we left by around 11pm. Hence the tshit and jeans too. Didn't bother to dress up. I was so under-dressed compared to everyone else. heh.

I liked Core when they just opened last year. It was where I chose to celebrate my birthday last year. Back then we were the bunch who started the dancing on the tables. We've been there so often that the waiters are so close with cs them now. I don't like Core anymore now. Either I've grown old, or there are just too many kids in pubs nowadays. Kids who should be at home studying!! Heh. I think I'm old.

Last year.

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