Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Half year today

Over the weekend...

1) I played more badminton. I'm amazed at myself. I have only played badminton less than three (3) times before 2009. In all 24 years of my existence. Before I got together with cs. Obviously I am influenced by him. Badminton takes up a lot of his time, and he's always watching badminton videos, following the matches that grr..i figured I might as well try to learn to like/play the bloody game.

So I did.

....we wore matching pants. Heh. Actually he bought one pair, which was a size L, and too small for him. So he went to buy an XXL, which he is now wearing. Thus, I have a new pair of boy shorts! Cool I'm wearing the bf's hand-me-downs. Saving $$ in the economic downturn.

Every time I check myself out in the mirror before badminton, I think I'm obviously not the badminton type. I glance at my pink bracelet, silver long manicured nails, and ring, and then check out my hair and complexion, then walk to join him for a game. Where he starts lecturing/teaching me on how to warm-up properly before a game lest I hurt my back (again).

2) I went to Pizza Hut for dinner with the family on Saturday night. Dad wanted to try the new Pizza. Its called the Mediterranean something. It was the worst tasting pizza i ever had, aside from pizza ria. And pizzas from bakery. Those don't count. Pieces of leftover dough and added with some sausages, cheese, and way too much chili sauce are not pizza. Yuck.

Anyway, The Pizza had a barbecue based sauce which was a bit spicy and quite salty. The toppings consisted of a few chicken pieces, and lots on onion, and cheese (wayy too little). It sucks! Major fail! I was starving so I reluctantly ate 2 slices of that and felt so upset about spoiling my dinner. Grr..

No pictures. Lousy pizza don't deserve no photos. Its the new pizza at Pizza Hut. On promotion. Don't buy it. Save yourself!!

3) Later that night I went to..

Three Points.

It is a newly opened restaurant in Kuching. Located at the old Hai Pa Wang at Padungan. Hai Pa Wang, the seafood restaurant closed already. At three points, there was a mini lounge at the front of the restaurant. Dad went there before and said the drinks were priced affordably. So we went. A bit skeptical though cos dad doesn't take into consideration my salary. My budget is way lower than his. Heh.

Cs and I had a Kilkenny pint each at about RM13. Cheap. I love Kilkenny. Much better than Guiness. Its more smooth going down. Dad was right. Drinks are reasonably priced. The guys ordered some food. Even after dinner, they still finished a plate of chicken wings (quite a lot), and some ostrich meat cooked in black pepper sauce. And some dessert. Nice place. Definitely going back to try out some more food.

Its an ok place if you're looking for a quiet evening. No noisy kids jumping up and down. No pushing around. No loud music. Subtle music for quiet conversation. Good drinks and food. The place is very small though. Not good for a big group.

4) Over the weekend, I also chilled at his place.

5) We went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

It is good. Must watch! Go buy your tickets if you haven't already watched it. Do not support piracy!

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